help me please. my b/f is snorting roxy pills
by mattNbecky, Apr 12, 2008
My b/f is crushing and snorting roxy's. he will spend up to $20.00 a pill. i cant get him to quit. he says he isnt addicted but when i asked him not to do it for only 3 days he didnt last. He gets terrible mood swings. can get very angry over the smallest thing. one day he says he takes them for pain the next its just because he wants to. every morning he wakes up after snorting he is in alot of pain. his legs knees, he just hurts everywhere. i believe its because of the pills he says its not. He will also get very horny and demand sex but he is unable to stay errect and that makes him mad. i know its the pills causing these problems but he wont admitt it. can someone please help me. i dont know what to do..
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by LIZZIE LOU, Apr 12, 2008
well...there is not a whole lot that YOU can do...first he has to admit that he is powerless over this drug.  my guess...from what you have that he is addicted.

one of the most powerful things that YOU can do is not enable him.  dont make "idle" threats...say what you mean and mean what you say.  
by lostdreams, Apr 12, 2008
Lizzie Lou is right, he needs to admit he as a problem first!!! My guess is that he is addicted, sounds very much like it, however he does sound like he is in denial, just like most of us have been at one point. Once he admits this then things can only get better. Pills wasnt my doc but the pains he is experienceing are more than likely w/d.
by mattNbecky, Apr 12, 2008
i have researched the side effects of what he is doing to himself and i have shown him but he doesnt seem to care. I know he loves me and our daughter and i dont want to leave him i just need to figure out how to make him realise his problem. He says he is in control and could quit when he wants but like i said i asked him to give it 3 days so he could see all of the problems he is going through is because of the pills and he couldnt last through the second day.
by LIZZIE LOU, Apr 12, 2008
of course he doesnt seem to care...this is the addiction speaking.  right now...there is no on more important than his ladyfriend "roxy".  dont get me wrong...he does love you and his daughter...but you are dealing with your b/f "the addict"...not your boyfriend of the past.

is he being prescribed these pills by a doctor?  you said he is paying upwards $20.00 a pill, right?  so he must be buying them off the street?  is this the person that you knew or is this a sign of someone who is addicted?
by Rose703, Apr 12, 2008
I have to agree with everyone else that has already replied. Think of it this way, would a normal person, meaning not an addict, spend $20 for a pill off of the street? The answer is no. If his pain is that bad he would be seeing a doctor to get help. Honestly honey if he won't admit his problem then there's nothing you can do except make a decision to either stay with him, just like he is, or leave. It's a tough situation and I understand that but you must act in the best interest of you and your child. I would sit down and have a honest conversation with him and see how he reacts. Keep posting sweetie!! You will find alot of love and support on this forum I know I have and it has helped me tremendously!!
by newgirl2708, Apr 12, 2008
You need help. Not help to help him, you need help for yourself. You need to figure out why you want to 'fix' him. You and your daughter will be fine. You are a smart woman and are kind. Two admirable qualities, they will get you through. He is not ready. You are, he is not. There is absolutely nothing you can do for him right now. You need to look to yourself. Do it for you and your daughter. Would you have your daughter around someone like me? Nope. I wouldn't have my daughter around him. But we do. Take a step back and re-read your post...Take a good look and be honest. You can not help someone by stepping into the darkness with them, stay in the light and let them come to you.
Good Luck, keep posting we're here for you,
by Dieing2Live, Apr 12, 2008
newgirl couldnt have said it any better. that last line sums everything up
by mattNbecky, Apr 12, 2008
Thank you all for giving me advice. you are all right. i know i cant help him he has to do it for himself. i have sat down and talked with him. i work a full time i dont have much time to spare between work and my daughter for him. so my 2 days off a week we actually get time together. while talking to him the only reply i got was that if it really bothers me that bad he will not snort them on my days off. to me yes that is a big step. but at the same time not good enough. when i told him if he didnt get help i would leave, he told me i was wrong for saying that to him. if i really loved him i would accept him for who he is. leaving me feeling guilty like i did something wrong. we dont live together so him being around our daughter like that does not happen. he knows to not bring that to my house i will not lose my daughter for his doing. if i know he has it and is planning on doing it i will make plans for me and my daughter to do somethin just the two of us. she doesnt need to see him like that.    
      yes he just buys them off the street. and no its not the man i knew before. that was one of the reasons i fell in love with him. both of our dads were alcoholics. he never did any type of drug. i myself smoked dope when i was around 17. but my b/f use to pride himself on the fact that he never did anything.
by bose555, Jul 17, 2008
I have just started to take my first Roxxy this morning and now I realise that I have a problem. I have been taking Perks for about 6 months , about 2 to 3 a day , they were from my doctor but I ran out so someone
gave me a Roxxy , me not realising just how bad they are. Is it true that 1 Roxxy is like taking 3 ,10s  perks.
I am a pro fighter and dont want to loose everything I have worked so hard for.