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Prophetic Dreams
Have you ever had a dream about an event that was actually occurring or had yet to occur?

In the late 1980s, I had a dream about a former art teacher who was something of a mentor to me. Anyway, in the dream, I saw him in what I sensed to be a sterile environment. While there, we were standing in a hallway and having a very cheerful conversation. Then, suddenly... I woke up from the dream feeling very distressed... and, I remember thinking to myself, "it's his heart."
About 1 week later, I learned that this wonderful man and one of my favorite teachers had died of a heart attack while a the hospital... on the same evening that I had that dream.

Has anyone had a similar experience?
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I have dreamed very often of things that some time later happen in life. But most often they are small things.
One day I dreamed my water heater broke down. I analyzed the dream psychologically, -decided it could mean things I rely on can give way.....I looked at that dream this way and that!
Guess what? The very next day my water heater broke down. Simple.
There are loads of other examples, but I can't remember all of them now. They span about 30 years. I wrote a lot of them down, but it would take me ages to go through all the notebooks!!
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