Throat closing up & not breathing
by peaches1982, May 13, 2008
Hi everyone I am having a problem with my throat feeling like it is closing up and then I panic because it feels like I am not breathing.  It used to just happen sometimes and now it happens everytime I lay down to go to sleep.  Today I was in walmart and it happend  it really scared me.  My mom and dad told me it is from stress, but right now I dont feel all that stressed.  I was wandering if someone could tell me why this is happening or does it happen to anyone else.  Thanks
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by dmbfan07cb, May 13, 2008
Definitely sounds like anxiety, I would go to the doctor just to be sure though.  Then that way you know what is is for sure and could work through it.  :)
by bgrimes86, May 14, 2008
If your throat was closing up or you couldn't breathe, believe me, you would know it. You are just too anxious and/or stressed. When I feel anxious, I sometimes feel like I can't breathe, but then I realize that I AM breathing and that I AM NOT going to die, so I just ignore the sensation the best I can until it goes away.
by misskld, May 14, 2008
I have the same problem every night, as we speak I just awoke from my sleep 30 mins ago and I still feel this was, but just try to relax and know your ok, trust me I know its hard, I still have trouble relaxing but just know it will pass soon.
by NaluKana, May 14, 2008
I too experiance the same thing as you. One thing i would suggest is this. The feeling that you are experiencing can be due to stress, but it can also cause stress. So it becomes a cycle that gets worse as you being to stress about it happening again. I would go see your GP and get 1 or 2 muscle relaxants or anti-anxiety pills, and when you feel it starting up again take 1 of them. If it helps with the feeling then you can rest assured that it is due to stress or just a muscle spasm. Sometimes just knowing this is enough to break the cycle and start getting away from it. If it is a muscle spasm it will pass in time as your body deals with it. I know from my experiance that it is a scarry feeling but the more you focus on it, the worse it will get.

Best wishes
by KrisDag, May 14, 2008
Wow, I get this all the time too. I have always related it to anxiety. My anxitey actually started with my throat and feeling like it was going to close up. What I do when I start to get that I just drink fluids constantly. Knowing that I can swallow, I know that my throat is not closing up. I know it is a very scary feeling, but I think it is all anxiety related. Your mind can play nasty tricks on you. Good Luck.

by nursegirl6572Blank, May 14, 2008
Feeling as if your throat is closing, or that you cannot breathe is actually a VERY common anxiety/panic attack symptom.  You say you do not really "feel" stressed.  That's the kicker...most panic attacks seem to come out of the blue...when you aren't "feeling" too badly to begin with.

I also think you should visit your doc, and start tacking anxiety issues, after, of course you get the "all clear" that your throat is, indeed, just fine.  That will probably give you some peace of mind as well.

Like another poster said...if your throat was "truly" closing up, and impeding your breathing..,.it wouldn't clear up and then return.  Call your doc...get the "all clear" and then start addressing the anxiety.

Keep posting here as well..most of us have experienced these exact kind of symptoms and know what you're going through.  You are FAR from alone in what you are going through.  We'll support you......hang in there, okay?
by peaches1982, May 14, 2008
Thanks to everyone, I feel a little bit better to know it happens to other people.  I had the hardest time going to sleep last night, I kept thinking I was going to die in my sleep.  I am on medication 60mg remeron and 2mg klonopin.  I take them at night.  I just dont think it is what I need.  Today is the worst ever and I have no medication til the 17th. I do think I need something to relax me only to take when this tightness in my chest and throat happens.  I just do not know what to do it is miserable.  I think I am going to try to go see a regular dr. and talk to him instead of my phsycaritrst. Thanks for everyones help it is nice to have people to share this with.  
by CJ40689, May 14, 2008
yeah anxiety can be difficult to deal with.  my therapist said on a scale of 1-10 that my anxiety disorder is at an 8.  im improving a little but im still not at full function.  you'll get through this, and i will too.  unfortunately it just takes some time.  
by peaches1982, May 14, 2008
I just got back from the dr.  I had the worst anxiety of my life today, I have been worrying all day about my throat, my heart pounding so hard I could hear it, it was terrible.  The dr said my pulse was 127 and had me stay there until it lowered a little, they took blood and all that stuff, now that is something else  to worry me thinking about the results.  Any way she gave me.25mg xanax and said take 1 to 2 every 8 hours as needed for anxiety. I took them about 20 minutes ago and already I feel a little better, maybe that is because my stomach is empty from not being able to eat all day.  I am going to take them as directed and see if they help any.  I am on klonopin 2mg also, but only 1 one at night.  Do you think it is ok to take xanax during the day and klonopin at night?  I feel more relaxed now thanks for everyones help I will keep in touch.