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tired/but can't sleep/
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tired/but can't sleep/

Rut, that desribes me lately. I want to sleep, but I stay up till' later each night, only to make
myself go to bed where I sleep the rest of the dead, but then get up every couple of hours
to start again. I have Ambien, but don't wanna take them. Not sure why, just obstinate lately.
I'm very tired. But awake. I am putting off things that I normally like to do. Like socializing,
& I catch myself not having conversations with most people. I guess I need to force myself
to get back in the swing of things, but I dread it. I hate, being sick & I'm always sick it seems
like (surgery). I want to write this, but I will probally delete it...*L*
guess I am asking for suggestions how to get out of this funk?
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Try not to spend to much time, or none at all  in the room where you sleep.... prior to going to bed.  As soon as you wake up in the morning go to another room. Beds are for sleeping not hanging out or resting or getting well.  Rest, relax and get well  on a couch or a comfortable chair outside the bedroom.
Find things more relaxing to do prior to bed.  Like read a book, or take a nice hot bath etc.
Ambien works great however all sleep medication provide a very small window for falling asleep.  Meaning once you feel tired you need to go to sleep or the medication will start to do the opposite and keep you awake.  Therefore, you should not take any sleep medication until you are relaxed and ready for bed.
I have lots of pointers and know alot about all kinds of sleeping regimens, but I dont sleep very well myself.
So good luck I hope this helps.
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Thank you for writing back!
My p.c. is in my bedroom, but I've been thinking of moving it to the living room. Now
would be a good time eh? My Daughter & I both 'hang' out in our bedrooms almost most
of the time. We each need to socialize with each other more I guess. This is as good
of time as any I figure. She always has friends over & goes to her room & I 'hang' out in
my room almost ALL the time. I'm getting used to being alone, & in fact prefer it. But I
'know' that is bad for me, even I have common sense..I almost never take the sleeping
med. as I get almost frantic I will 'call' someone in the middle of the night & ramble on
without purpose. My fear is someone thinking I am not 'normal'...anyhow, as I ramble on
now *L*, thank you, Tres
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