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my chlestrol is a yo yo--
First of all I just found this site--Ive been looking for a forum on chlestrol and just happened to find this one this morning.  I started having issues with my #s in June of 2009 I started out with total 270 triglercyrides 199 HDL 60 and LDL 170--Iwas bound anddetermined not to hae to go on meds also my blood pressure was so out of whack that dr said he didnt have any other choice so I had to go on meds for this--blood sugar as also off--but I managed to stay off meds for that also by losing 50 lbs and watching what I ate--Im craky and miserable but I managed to stay off meds-

so between june 2009 and july 2010 I steady got the #S down to total 213 tri 151 HDL 65 LDL 119

but then in Nov 2010 they started going back up again to a high of total 276 tri 119 HDL 78 LDL 176
so dr sent me for a NMR test which showed my chlestrol is the large fluffy kind and Im in the low risk area for everything they measure--since I freak out at the #S dr told me that when you figure in the ratio the HDL into the rest Im usually in the normal range--I should also mention that last april I was DXed with cancer and needed a total hystercomy--I dont know if that has anything to do with my yoyo #S however when I had them done the last time in July they were total 241 tri 193 HDL 61 and LDL 141--we had to change dr and this new one seems to be wantint to put me on meds yet unless I would be no longer in the normal range with ratios I dont agree--any advice or thoughts

nothing has changed in regards to my eating or excerise since june of 2009

Im just wondering what causes chlestrol to do up and down

Ill be anxious to hear what you all have to say
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