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Sensitive skin & Norwex Antibacterial cloths
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Sensitive skin & Norwex Antibacterial cloths

I'm 29 and have had acne issues since I was a teen. But when I was 21 I had an allergic reaction to a laundry detergent and started getting hive-like bumps on my skin. It was mainly on one side of my face(although I did get some on my chest as well), and I quickly realized that was the side I slept on most often. I changed my detergent and it slowly (very slowly) started to improve. But, the hive-like bumps were very deep and sore and itchy at the time, and sometimes took up to 2 months to heal. They left my skin scarred a little. My dermatologist gave me clindasol and Stevia A cream. These things helped, but I can't use them right now, because I am trying to get pregnant. I use Spectro Gel, but it doesn't seem to help with acne as much as I would like.

Norwex sells antibacterial cloths, and they advertise that they work well for sensitive skin. Has anyone used these before? They say you don't need to use anything on them but water, they exfoliate and remove bacteria. I am just nervous about anything new I use on my skin.

1) Has anyone with sensitive skin used the Norwex antibac cloths or heard anything good or bad about them?
2) Any suggestions on what I can use to get rid of the light scarring on my cheek?
3) Suggestions on what is safe to use while pregnant? I am scared I will get really bad acne when I am pregnant.
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Hi Lynminx,

I am a 26-year-old Norwex consultant and also have acne. I use the antibac body cloths that you mentioned, but always use them with a LOT of water so it doesn't exfoliate too much, which will aggravate my acne. In fact, I have just ordered a new product from Norwex, which is a softer antibac face cloth made just for sensitive skin. This one doesn't exfoliate, but it does clean with just water. I'm excited for it b/c I don't think I need much exfoliation until my acne clears up.

I've been doing a ton of reading about natural remedies for acne, and have read that calendula is a good cleanser for people with acne. It is what is in the Norwex foam soap! The soap also contains organic shea butter, which I read has a lot of Vitamin A, which is known to be great for acne (think: Retin-A which is the cream often prescribed by doctors for acne patients). So I am going to start washing my face with this foam soap!

I also read that aloe vera is a very good healer and anti-inflammatory product. Norwex has a face and neck cream that has aloe vera, so I'm going to use that too, followed by the regular day and night creams from Norwex.

Honestly, I feel so excited to see if any of this helps! I know that I will feel good using 100% natural products that I know (because I've looked at every single ingredient in the products) are good for my skin.

If you want any more info or if you want to ask me in a bit if I notice any difference, email me at allison.***@**** and I'll be glad to let you know about my progress! Or if you found any miracle product that is all natural and has been working for you, I'd love to hear about it because I'm SOO ready to say goodbye to this adult acne once and for all!

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