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cost to clean chihuahua teeth
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cost to clean chihuahua teeth

My chihuahua is now 5 and we took him to the vet yesterday to see about having his teeth cleanned.  The vet
said he would have to have about 5 teeth pulled out, the gum on one is inflamed and red and 3 are lose.  I live
in Reno,Nv.  and the vet said the cost for the service would be 785.00, but that price does not included the cost
of taking the teeth out.   I am a senior on social security and I believe it is going to cost me around 1500 by the
time it is all over.  It seems so wrong to have them call and tell you why the dog is under, it is going to cost this
much more because we had trouble pulling this tooth or that.  Also I am worried about he losing so many teeth.
Will he be okay with that many pulled and is the cost reasonable and if anyone has has experience with a good
vet in Reno, Nv, please let me know.  Thank you
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Hi there...sadly, Chihuahuas are one of the those breeds well known for teeth problems.  It's great that you are getting his teeth cleaned as that will help prevent further problems down the road.

As you are probably aware, most dogs won't sit still long enough for us to really examine their teeth, especially to do any sort of probing to check for potential problems...thus the reason for anesthesia.  AND..if the dog is anesthetized, its a good idea to get the teeth professionally cleaned.  This means that the only way we can really tell what teeth need to be pulled is while the pet is under anesthetic.  Also, the type of tooth being extracted is an important determination in how difficult it will be to extract...incisors are single rooted teeth and generally come out easily compared to the three rooted carnassial teeth in the back of the mouth.

First, you dog will probably due fine losing 5 teeth.  Adult dogs have 42 teeth and most will do fine losing them.   I personally have seen dogs with less than 10 teeth in their mouth still eat fine.

As far as cost...the price for the cleaning is going to vary based on things like:  Is pain relief for the extractions included?  Are dental x-rays included?   Will they be doing pre-anesthetic bloodwork prior to the procedure?  Etc, etc.   So, it's going to be hard to truly compare apples to apples.   I would recommend asking the veterinarian to give you a written estimate and then call a couple of other veterinarians in the area to get an idea of what they would charge for similar services.

You could consider going to to see about personal financing to help defray the cost of the dental or Chase has a program called Chase Health Advantage as well.

Unfortunately, I don't know any veterinarians in Reno...I know a GREAT one in Las Vegas though!!

Good luck...keep us posted.
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