tests for protein S & protein C deficiency
by Janet_0625, Jun 26, 2013
what tests should I ask my physician to order to rule out or rule in protein S & protein C deficiency?

I have some family members with this and want to know if I have it before deciding whether to go on estrogen hormone replacement for menopause symptoms.

I have endometriosis and fibromyalgia.  It's my understanding that a lot of women with endo also have fibromyalgia.  It's also my understanding that there is a relationship with protein S and protein C deficiency.
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by tickedBlank, Jun 27, 2013
Welcome to the Endometriosis Community.

You have brought up something that I have not heard before.

I have Endo and Fibro as well. I think that I will do some research on this so I have more of an idea of what this means.

What have you been told about going on HRT and having these deficiencies? What are the side effects if you do? This is really interesting to me.