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Brand-Spankin' New!
Greetings!  I am new and slowly finding my way around this site.  I have been so pleasantly surprized to see so many nice, well-informed people who generously share their knowledge and experiences about such complicated medical and pharmaceutical issues.  We ultimately must follow the instructions of our physicians, but I do think that there is great value to be found in sharing our practical experiences on a forum like this.  And sometimes it's just nice to hold "cyber hands" while we work through fears that can arise.  Positivity and comeradery is good medicine, too.

I will post later about my meds and will be grateful for any suggestions and advice you may have, so thank you in advance.

I would really like to meet some of the people who frequent this group, too.  I'll post some tags to give you a quick idea about my interests and situation.

Thanks again,

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