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Kidney Failure in Young Dog
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Kidney Failure in Young Dog

Hello! My female golden retriever, Bella, is currently 16 months old and has early stage kidney failure (between stage 1 & 2) as determined by her blood work and urine analysis: Two weeks ago her BUN levels are above normal and her urine was tested as dilute. Her Creatinine is still in normal range. She has good appetite and is active most the time. No vomiting or unusual bowel movements lately. Here is the history behind her kidney problems.

At 6 months (Sept. 2012), when Bella was spayed, she was prescribed Metacam to help with pain and inflammation from the surgery. Her kidneys failed after three doses of Metacam and she was in and out of critical care for several weeks on fluids. Her blood work eventually came back normal after a lot of intravenous fluids and we thought we got away from the incident without long term kidney damage. That was, until 2 weeks ago, when we had her tested at her annual check up where her blood work showed long term damage described above.

Our vet hasn't suggested we do anything in particular for Bella until she is in stage 3 or 4 of renal failure. But, I personally, would like to find out if there are other things I can do to help her maintain the current kidney functioning longer. One possible suggestion was to feed Bella the prescription renal diet. I looked at the ingredients and feel uncomfortable with them. I asked my vet about the food quality and that didn't get me any new information.

I'm looking for suggestions on how I might best attempt to help Bella live longer (diet, vitamins, etd.) and have a greater quality of life. She is truly the sweetest pup I have ever know.

Thank you.

Hi Elle,
I just finished reading your comments. This is just suggestion. May I
suggest going to the top of this page where you see the word FORUMS.
Place the cursor on FORUMs. This will highlight all the forums on this
site. You want HEALTH FORUMS. Click on Health Forums and go to
D for dog or they have a pet veterinary forum too where you can get
advise for another vet. I would repost your comments on either one
of the forums I've mentioned. A second opinion never hurts. I wish you and
your puppy well. Eve
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