Harnal OCAS 0.4g for women?
by tienl, Jun 06, 2012
I am female aged 36. I have weak urine flow and are not able to completely emptying my bladder. My doctor prescribed me with Harnal OCAS 0.4g for one week and one tab each day. I search online and found it is meant for men and not  intended for women. So now I am in dilemma. I don't know whether should take this medicine or not. I would like to know your opinion.

Thank you for your time in advance.
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by S. Kaul, MDBlank, Jun 26, 2012
Hi there!

Harnal OCAS is not specifically a male drug though it is given for male issues more commonly. It acts by relaxation of the urethra and promoting easy flow of urine.
Hope this information helps.

Take care!