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Adult ADD & Careers

As an adult that has been lining with ADHD through my youth, and now have varying symtoms (symptoms) in my late 20's, and a very low paying service job with a high IQ and skills in drafting and CAD applications - my life still seems to be on hold - I have little to no motivation to keep me going towards goals of Post College BS/MS work in engineering and aerospace - I have always wanted to design and build the first Mars/Moon colony buildings . . .  but after 6 years in college and less than a AS degree in Arch Technology at my local community college, a 1.82 GPA with the typical A - F grades in a Junior college and my local Community College - note: I when from 3.8 in first semester to 1.82 last semester after 12 semesters of study . . . . What Should I do to get out of this rut???
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    how frustrating to have been unable to reach your goals for so long. Unfortunately, it is one of the hallmarks of adult ADHD that individuals tend to be underachievers, and it sounds like you have been struggling. Usually I find when talking to adults with ADHD that they have very uneven motivation, such that they excel in areas that interest them and fail miserably in situations like pre-requisite courses in college. There is often a path towards doing something that you like that does not include getting a college degree. College degrees are not for everyone, since you have to be able to tolerate taking a course of general studies before you can get to what you really love (and then of course be able to write papers about it!). Not everyone can tolerate the process, even if they are intelligent.

  The key is to find out how you can get to work in the field you want without college credentials. Many people find that once they have proven themselves on the job, they can be promoted to positions that they never would have been considered for as an outsider. Find a way to take an entry level position in an environment you find stimulating. Think in terms of your strengths-are you best working with your hands, do you need lots of small tasks, can you function in a cubicle or do you need to move around? Many work places involve moving around and doing, which makes them good matches for people with ADHD. Look for this sort of dynamic environment.

Aside from that, many professional counselors specialize in career counseling. I think it would be a great investment in your own future to get some professional guidance.

Best Wishes
Rebecca Resnik
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