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I'm soooo tired still!!
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I'm soooo tired still!!

I know most of you have heard me complain about Noah's sleep/colic so I couldn't believe this morning that he had slept through the night!  I mean he slept from 10-6 - can you guys believe it??  Lately he has been doing better and I have been getting more sleep so I'm really curious about why I'm craving sleep all of the time now!  It makes no sense - I get more sleep since my husband and I deviced a new system.  

Is anybody else dealing w/this or have gone through this?  Is my body catching up?  I need to hurry up and catch up - No's not going to sleep everytime I get sleepy!
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oh I hear you on the sleep thing.
the one thing I just keep telling myself is everything else can wait... I try to make sure I sleep atleast once when she is sleeping.. the heck with the otherstuff.
I have found that if I get two hour naps in... Im at a better state and mood. smile
but me and my house.. ugh has taken a hit!!
Your body may still be catching up.  Plus, you are still the mommy of a young baby--you will be tired for a long time to come, regardless.

Tyler is 4 months on  the 28th and still not sleeping all n ight though sometimes he will g op from 9-4 he is a lil but I find when he sleeps more and I get more rest I am more tired as well... seems like the more sleep I get the more my body craves  it... I believe it just relizes how bad it needs it ! I am trying to hang in there too! I hope it is not too much longer till both my lil guy and Noah sleep thrugh the night EVERY night!
Hang in there =)  I feel your pain =)


Kelly & Tyler
Hey Jen,
You know, I have discovered that the reason why I get so tired even when I sleep when Brayden sleeps is because I feel so darn bad for not getting other stuff done while he was sleeping and I had the chance. Does that make sense? Like I wasted valuable time sleeping when I could have gotten other things done! So then everything else just seemed too overwhelming for me to even think about which in turn would make me even more tired!! Then I had to just forgive myself for being so tired that I let everything else go in order to gain some sanity and some precious sleeping time!

Good Luck!
I do feel overwhelmed, Patty and I feel the same way - guilty for not getting stuff done while he's napping although today I had no choice as I've developed a UTI.  It just seems that w/this post-partum period, I've had a harder time w/it than I did w/the pregnancy.  I talked w/my dr about it and he's going to run some tests once the hernia has been repaired.  I really hate this but I'm enjoying Noah so much!

Thanks for the hugs, Kelly.  Btw when I mentioned the craving for sleep to my ob, he thought it was my body 'catching' up for the previous lack of sleep - does that make sense?
Hi there,
This is just my very unscientific opinion here so pardon me if it's totally off :0). So little christopher is #3 for me and he is the most mellow non-crying baby I think I have ever encountered. He is an absolute DREAM of a newborn and I feel so amazingly blessed...and rested.

Now, my other two? Not the case. My DD (now almost 10) was my first and was SO colicky and fussy. She cried 14 hours a day, wore me out, wouldn't go back down easily for her middle of the night feeding and I felt so incredibly bluesy and stressed. Could have been b/c she was my first and I didn't know what the h e l l I was doing (never changed a diaper before her), but either way I was SO exhausted and just physically and mentally wiped out (and I was 30 back then.)

My 2nd, now 7, was an okay sleeper but severely throw-upy. He projectiled 4-5x / hour for the first year and was very behind developmentally (80% at one year). He fussed alot because of his tummy and his delays but I never labeled him colicky. BUT it was a very stressful emotional time b/c we didn't know what was wrong w/ him and if he had a disease that had yet to be diagnosed. I was EXHAUSTED...absolutely wiped out. And w/ him it lasted for a good year b/c of my worry over his health.

Now w/ #3...he is SO easy. I am in awe with how easy he is. Maybe it has something to do w/ ME benig more relaxed, but not entirely because his demeanor is amazing. And as a result I am so much less stressed. I did have some blues going on but that's because of life circumstances and I've finally got over that (with the help of Lexapro), but I feel SO rested and at peace. I started back at the gym, started back with "life" and I feel that balance again.

So my unscientific research says that part of your exhaustion has to do with the fact that while you so clearly and dearly love Noah, he has been hard for you because of his fussiness. That is so taxing and two bones about it. ONce my fist got past her fussiness (well she's nearly 10 and still very maybe they never do get passed mom says I'm 40 and I'm STILL colicky :0), I felt so much better.

I think your body is craving sleep so you can mentally AND physically recharge. You have been thru the ringer with things. Your body reacts physically just as your mind reacts emotionally. So, let the house be a wreck and focus on recharging yourself for a while. The house will get cleaned again, but you won't feel your best until you're back in a state of equilibrium again.

It'll get LOTS better very soon!!!
Christina - thanks so much for your words of encouragement!!!

I believe you're totally right - I had to go through this recharging thing.  I feel so much better - No's been sleeping through the night for almost two weeks.  He even slept through the night on our Seattle trip when we all were in one room together.

I'm also having some blood work done for metabolic disorder.  The dr thinks there might be a physiological reason for the fatigue although I'm pretty sure No's sleep patterns were more the cause.  I do love him dearly & having him makes me remember the times of having small children - they are exhausting (teenagers are more so - ha, ha!) but so worth the effort.

Here I go writing another darned novel - how are you btw, Christina?? Again thanks for your kind words and hugs!! - jennifer
OHHHH HUNNYYYYY!!!!! =/ ((((HUGS))))

I had no idea you were feeling this awful!!!! =( I am so sorry you're having a hard time, but if this helps any,..... you're not alone... i am WIPED OUT!!!!! lol... enjoying every second with my girl... but tired... as HELL!!! LOL
she was doing so good but lately she's just not sleeping  squat at night!
Girl - I hear ya!!  No was sleeping so good but as soon as we all adjusted, the little toot changed on us - I told him to cut this out, little dude!

It's sooooo good to hear from you!!  I didn't realize you were wiped out as well - been thinking about you - everytime No does something new, I think of your Maddison.

Post back to me soon - I miss talkin' to ya - jen
AWEEE!!! I'm here girlie! I think about you always too! I really miss talking to you... you are like my big sis' whom I run to everytime I have an issue... or a milestone to share!

Hey, did I tell you how I made Maddie giggle a couple of weeks ago?!?! it was awesome!
I'm a little concerned about her weight gain... she's like 3/4's breast fed and supplemented the rest... and she hasn't gain as much weight as the little girl that my one friend gave birth to 2 weeks before me! and this girl was tiny!! (6 lbs at birth.. compared to Maddie 8.2 pounds!)

Now this girl is 13 1/2 lbs and my Maddie is ONE pound lighter than her! =(
she is bottlefed tho... and i think this has a lot to do.... I've even thought about weaning her... =(( but I enjoy that bonding with her so much i would cry and cry!!!

How's my little No-no doing?!? has he had any milestones lately!?

I love ya and miss ya TONS!!!
Hon - don't worry about the weight gain thing - bottlefeeding DOES in my opinion have tons to do w/it.  That little girl started off being small but probably had some catching up to do?  Anyway, Maddie's fine, hon - 12 1/2 pounds is FINE, I promise!  Just be careful doing the comparing thing because it'll drive you crazy.

For example, No has done a belly laugh for his g-ma but not for me (well, a giggle here and there) and when reading your post I was thinking,"man is Noah behind other babies his age?".  But babies develop at their own pace - that's what I keep telling myself.

How's work coming along?  And your child care person?  Everything working out okey-dokey?  No does lots of tummy time which he doesn't like but he's getting better.  He tries to grab things and is teething right now - poor little guy!

Have you posted any new pics of your baby?  I'll try to post some of No this weekend - keep in touch, hon! - jen
really?? *whew*
I know exactly what  you mean about the comparing... I really shouldn't,  but Bryan is b@lls to the wall on that!! he'd actually call his buddy and ask him 'hey, so what's Haily's wieght now?' argh....

(i know my child is prettier anyway.... lol)

hehehe, no, but seriously... I know what you mean as far as developing at their own pace... man! i can't believe No-no is already teething!!! what happened to our newborns!!! do you remember comparing HCG numbers back and forth?? you, me and Sarah? (chokedee)... what ever happened to her? did you hear anything from her lately?? man i miss her!

Work is actually not as bad... i try to keep myself busy so i don't think stupid ****... otherwise i'll drive myself insane ya know? The nanny is actually really nice and caring... and i know i'm a germ freak so... as long as she is not brown in the face.. that's fine.
I will post pics today! i promise! i got new ones! =)
I can't wait to see my little baby boy too! give him kisses all over his chubby cheeks for me!

luv ya!
I gave him lots of kisses, girl!

Yeah, girl, I remember comparing those HCg numbers!  It was a year ago yesterday that I had my transfer & remember you??  You were posting pics of your POAS stick!!  I remember looking at it!!  Gosh, Vanessa, we've been through so much together!  remember when I was worried about being too old to be a new mommy and you were telling me about your momma??  I haven't heard from Sarah in a long time - I think she had a little girl like you.  Do you remember?

Gosh, you brought back some beautiful memories - when we were posting all over the place on the fertility forum!  Well, look at us today - you w/your beautiful little girl - aren't girls cool??  Gotta love 'em!  And me w/a little boy - I told No yesterday was the day we saw him inside of me (sounds weird!).

We've been through so much together and think of it - we'll get to raise our babies together (virtually anyway!).  Btw, I know what ya mean about the germ thing - take it from an ol' wise mommy - wait until maddie eats cr@p off the floor!!  Or picks her nose - oh, it gets better!!  It sounds gross, I know, but a few germs won't hurt babies although I don't want maddie to get sick from those nasty things this winter (or Noah either).

Love ya too, hon - write back - I keep taking pics of No (they bite) & not posting them because they bite!!! - jen

You guys made my day by remembering me!...let me explain myself...I am on here often reading posts, and anything by you guys I always open to see how ur doing..I just feel like I'm a boring poster/chatter, so I tend to lay low so I don't feel like a wally, god I always curse myself for saying stupid things! I feel like I've lost major brain cells since having my baby and feel completely OFF my head most of the time!!

It's hard to believe a year has gone by...unbelievable!..Such trials trying to conceive, but man was it worth it!

Maddie and Noah are just beautiful sweethearts!.. I looked at their pics as soon as u got them up....and Jen you've had some difficulties with sleep, I hear ya!!

..Holly was born on 4th May ( due 6th May ) natural delivery, with major complication of pre-eclampsia during labour, was shocking... we moved house when she was 2weeks old.. 3 days after we moved we had to put our 5 year old mastiff down..a terrible time!

Holly is my world now..I love her sooo much and feel blessed every day that I managed to have her...I LOVE being a u Vanessa, 3/4 bf, with top ups with evening feeds..and spend a fair proportion of my time worrying if I am doing the right thing by her!

Great to see u guys on's nice to have that history with someone in cyberspace.!..

Will try to keep posting!...Look after yourselves..

Sarah - OMG!!  Thanks for writing and you ARE NOT a boring poster/chatter!!

I'm so sorry about your mastiff - I know how you feel!  Our cat who was born on dh's and my wedding day was found by dh dead on our lawn.  I haven't cried so hard in a long, long time.  Again, Sarah, I'm so sorry :-((!!

I was holding No tonight thinking it wouldn't be much longer that he'll be too big to hold in my lap like this - I got soooo sad - I love this little guy sooooo much.  Lately he's learned to give me kisses (sloppy) & they're so sweet.

Thanks for writing and giving us the head-ups how you're doing - I personally LOVE the name Holly.  It sounds so sweet and cheerful.  Gosh, I didn't realize you had to deal w/pre-eclampsia.  you poor thing!  I had a great pregnancy w/No but my postpartum hasn't been all that great.  My heart, a hernia, blah, blah, blah.  I'm having hernia repair surgery Friday.

Okay enough about me - keep checkin' in w/us - I know Vanessa feels the same way  -   :-)) - jen
Hey girlie!!! =))) I wrote a note to you the other day!
I am SOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! and so glad you came back! We missed you lots girlfriend!
Such great memories we share.... we were all scared to death and look at us now! still scared (me about SIDS!!!) but happy proud mommas of these sweet little angels on earth! =)

Girl you are not boring!! my GOD!  I know Jenny has gone thru rough times here lately (big hugs sweetie!) but still hanging like her ole strong self. I had a rough last couple of weeks with me getting a nasty bronchitis, then Maddie, then my doggie passed away monday (put to sleep =() and financial situation... argh!

But I am so glad i still have my girls here to rely on... =) I love you girls!
OMG - V, I didn't know about your precious doggie!!  I'm so sad for you- I really am!!  I just found our beloved kitty on the front lawn dead and am pretty sure it was old age - long story about how she got out of the house in the first place :-((.

Sarah - come  & chat w/us anytime - we miss you.  V's right, I can remember all of the anxiety we went through a year ago when we were pg w/our babies - gosh, I can just feel the happiness/anxiety/excitement/etc. even now :-))) - jen
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