Has anyone tried the diet on
by Suzanne78, Apr 21, 2009
There is a very interesting web site with a diet for MS.  The theories they present seem to be backed-up with scientific data and the testimonials are quite impressive

The web site -

Do anyone have any experience with it?  It is very strict.  I have tried it but have not adhered strictly.  Maybe hearing other relate their experience will be motivating.  

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by opie74, Apr 21, 2009
I have not tried any diet, but I will go have a look.
by opie74, Apr 21, 2009
There is no way that I could cut out that kind of dairy, we practicall live on that stuff around here.
by Lulu54Blank, Apr 21, 2009
I would just like to point out the obvious - if this diet worked this well for MS, don't you think all of the doctors would recommend it?  

To be a valid scientific argument, it must have undergone rigorous testing and trials to prove their theory.  Nothing I have read here is more than anecdotal evidence (stories),  That said, there is nothing wrong with eating healthy and taking supplements.  Just discuss any major changes with your doctor before adding supplements.  

We know through rigorous tests, what the effects are of something like a heart healthy diet.  There is not such proven MS diet.

Always be wary of the quick fixes promised but not proven, and especially if they are willing to sell you something for that fix!

be well,
by HVAC, Apr 22, 2009
I would never go for anything someone wants me to buy.

A Dr. with MS suggested a similar diet which I have been on for two years. I have lost weight and my over all health via lab tests and my Doctor is much better.

I have lost the taste for foods I loved, but now love vegetables,fruits,nuts and small amounts of meat.

Each person has to do what works for him or her.

Everyone and there brother tells me to take different supplements. I don't do that. I listen to "the People's Pharmacy" radio show and it always seems something goes wrong with too much of one thing or another.


by Khiba, Apr 22, 2009
This a sensible diet for MS. Avoiding gluten and dairy especially can make a big difference in ones health. Using high omega 3 oils like flaxseed or olive is a good idea as we get a bad balance of Omega 3s to Omega 6s in the SAD.

Cutting out sugar is always a good idea! Everyone needs to up their fresh fruit and veggie intake! Lean meats and fish is important for protein and amino acid balance.

Nuts and seeds are good sources of fat (and we need fat) plus protein and some fiber.

I follow this type of diet and my weight is low and my blood work is great.

Soy was the first thing to get out of my diet because it is mildly estrogenic and makes me feel just swful. plus its one of the most genetically modified plants and is heavily pesticided and has to be intensely processed to make the soy beans edible.
As a horticulturist, what I learned about soy scared the beejezus out of me. Soy is not a health food; its a commodity like pork bellies. Just my opinion I could be wrong.

Eat organic if you can!

by Suzanne78, Apr 22, 2009

Thanks  This was very helpful.

by patientx, Apr 22, 2009
I've read many anecdotal reports that people with MS are having success with this diet.

I'm going to have to disagree with some of the things mentioned here.  First, no one is selling anything in relation to this; the diet plan is available free of charge on the website.  Second, I don't believe the idea that it can't be valid because most doctors don't recommend it.  Almost all of the doctors that I have come across don't put any emphasis on diet, in relation to most conditions, with the possible exception of diabetes.  When someone I know tested high for cholesterol, he asked about adopting a low-fat diet; the doctor said no, but here's a prescription.  When I have was having some GI issues, I asked the gastroenterologist about diet modifications. He told me, "no, diet doesn't matter."  A GI doctor told me this!  So, I don't think the fact that a doctor doesn't recommend a diet means too much.

Finally, I disagree with the fact that a theory isn't scientifically valid until it has gone through clinical trials.  If that's the case, the neuros shouldn't be so ready to accept the auto-immune theory of MS.  And, despite, the clinical trials for interferons and glatiramer acetate, no one is how they work (or if they even do).  In fact, Copaxone had the opposite effect of what scientists were initially expecting, and this led them to try it in humans with MS.  I think way too much reliance is placed on these trials, that something isn't valid until a cohort of x patients is tested, with half receiving placebo, and a p value of <0.05 is obtained.  
by Suzanne78, Apr 22, 2009
Yea for you for saying what I was thinking.  I just did not have the guts.  But I totally agree with you.  By changing my diet I dropped my bad cholestrol from 136 to 45 in 6 months  Yes, I did say 45.  Americans look for a quick fix.  Pop a pill.  I think diet holds the key to healing many health problems.
by diemyn, Apr 22, 2009
I've got a book called the Body Ecology Diet which on the cover claims to cure MS among other things. It is very very strict and on our broke-butt budget it's been impossible to adhere to thus far, but the few recipes I've had were very good; they were soups. I feel like I've had to let go of so much food I like that doing what the book says is just too far, but if I can get confirmation from somewhere that I do indeed have MS I think it might scare me into strictly eating the BED or starving.  If any of you have the money to do the bed diet I highly suggest you do cuz the book has testimonies of people who had diagnosis and were cured so it's worth a try.