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Lab Processing Error???
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Lab Processing Error???

Last week I received partial LP results and finally called today for the IgG index and o-bands results.

I am confused!!! This was done at Yale, and yes, serum was drawn just prior to the LP.

The results I received today indicate that no oligoclonal bands were observed in ether the CSF or the serum.

The serum IgG value was 509 (low) with a reference range of 700 - 1600 mg/dl.

BUT...the IgG CSF index result states "the CSF index can not be calculated."

If they were able to complete the test for o-bands, I don't understand why they would not be able to calculate the CSF IgG index, unless perhaps there was a lab error? Anyone have any guesses? The formula itself does not lend itself to errors.

They did run a test for myelin basic protein results 1.45 (high) with a reference range of 0.0 - 1.1.

CSF lymphocytes appear high, if I am reading things correctly. Lymphocytes show a value of 90, monocytes show 10; from what I can tell, the lymphocytes should range up to 70%, so these values indicate an inflammation or a chronic process taking place in the CNS.

I don't know what this all means at this point. I was hoping that with the elevated MBP, I would show o-bands or an elevated IgG index.

While I am impatient for a diagnosis, I also understand the importance of making the right diagnosis.

Can I say this aspirates?


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Do you have results (the numbers) for all the elements of the formula?  It shouldn't be too hard to plug in CSF and serum IgG and albumin levels and come up with an answer.  

Maybe nobody in the lab had their slide rule handy?  Or they didn't see the necessity to do the math since o-band electrophoresis had been done?  As you can tell, I'm just indulging in random non-answers.  

I apologize in advance for my light hearted approach to what I realize is a very important matter.  It's late and I just wanted to bring this back to the top.

You certainly may say this S-you-CKS!
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I wish, wish, wish the lab report gave me the components to calculate the formula!

Funny how different labs disclose different information. I don't have any of the sera details, nor do I have the CSF albumin levels.With the last LP, Quest Diagnostics broke out all these numbers.

If the report were supposed to show these values, then perhaps I might know what went wrong.
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