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Last full week of January....
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Last full week of January....

Didn 't we just welcome January?  And here we are about to flip the claendar page.

What's everyone got going on this week? I have no medical appts this week but that may change.  

What about you? This is our weekly round up of pending events that you might want to share.... please join in!

wishing you well,
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1936411 tn?1333835449
My Copaxone is due to be delivered on Wednesday, so I'm calling my Shared Solutions nurse tomorrow to schedule injection training. I also need to call around to MS Centers in my area, since I never got around to it last week.

May this week be awesome for everyone!

- Jane
1858011 tn?1319840953
  Hi,  I hope everyone is doing well and has a great week.  I have my first self cath class on Monday hoping that it goes well.  Tuesday I'm going back to local hospital to see Ot therpist to get fitted for a right hand glove to try and reduce swelling.  Wednesday I have Aqua therapy for 1 hour.  And, Thursday I have a get blood work done for pcp.   It's going to be a long week of doctors appts.   I hope I can get through them feeling good and not becoming tired out.    

  I can't wait until everything calms down for me.  It just feels like I'm going and going but my body is not able to keep up.....  

Here to a great week....   Thanks for helping me lu

Take care
1832736 tn?1325086568
My Copaxone is due to be delivered on Wednesday as well, but mine is a 90 supply this round as apposed to the 30 supply I was previously getting.  I've had a change in insurance and suppliers for my Copaxone, last week was a little never racking trying to get everything to change over smoothly, so I'm a little nervous still hoping everything goes smoothly.  

Chiropractor appointment on Friday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

1734735 tn?1413781671
Hello to everyone,

A quiet week working, bike riding, and enjoying my good health I hope after a limpy last week.

I've only just come back from three weeks holidays but this week we have Australia day so I've got Thursday 25 Jan off and taken the following four work days. I know I suck but I am looking after the kids who are still on holidays.

Hope most people are doing well and wishing those who are in relapse a speedy recovery full of rest and gentle hugs.

359574 tn?1328364024
I have my annual appointment with the MS Neurologist's nurse practitioner today, Monday.
1548028 tn?1324616046
Jordan goes to Neurologist again today for 3 month check.  Maybe we will find out more.  Maybe...LOL  Got a call from Mayo and they reviewed his files and feel he may have POTS or autonomic dysfunction.  I read about it and well, I just don't know.  It doesn't feel right.  Hum...And they can see us in 15-18 months!  I just don't know how I feel about that.  Well, I do but I'll keep the rant to myself!lol  Who knows, maybe today a few more answers.  I may rant and throw a baby fit later!  I hope everything goes well for all of you this week!  ((hugs and good thought to all))
198419 tn?1360245956
Holey - Schmoley. I coulda sworn this post was a figment of my imagination!

Not sure what the week will entail. For once in my life I'm not planning on so much, hahah

Wishing you all a good week ;)
667078 tn?1316004535
Today I take my 14 year old Dalmatian Dante to the Vet he has a swollen tooth. He is copying the puppy who had the exact same tooth pulled ten days ago. Do these dogs think I am made of money? Lol.

I realize for the first time in a long time MS is not the center of my life. That for me is pretty cool. It is there but I can deal with it.

1225331 tn?1333369369
I had my regular PT today for spasticity, gait, & balance.  
Wed is my other type of PT for spasticity in my pelvic floor muscles.
Fri I'm going to see the urologist.
Sat going to my niece's b-day party in the afternoon.

And I'm working all week.  We're slowing down again at work, so I'm hoping not to get laid off or furloughed (at least not furloughed for too long).  I NEEEEEEEEED my health insurance....  

572651 tn?1333939396
wow, it's been busy around here... I just found this on page 2.  What's up with everyone else?
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