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Question for anyone on Vitamin D...
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Question for anyone on Vitamin D...


In quick summary, I have RRMS, 10 years this Aprill. Failed all DMDs and I am currently on GIlenya.  

I recently posted about fatigue because it is one of the symptoms I have the hardest time conveying to everyone.  My neuro recently tested my Vitamin D levels and said it was low.  According to this lab's scale - normal was 30 and I was at 13.  (Insert whatever appropriate units apply).

She told me to start taking 2000iu Vitamin D per day.

My question for anyone taking Vitamin D to help with their fatigue...

...did you notice any difference once you started the Vitamin D?

...if so, how long did it take before you noticed a difference?

I'd appreciate any feedback, thoughts, tips, etc you might have.

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I had low/normal vitamin D levels. I've been taking 5,000 IU of vitamin D for about a month and a half. At the time I was experiencing 1-2 major, church nod inducing, crashes every day.

At the time I started taking vitamin D, I changed my eating habits. I was eating a bowl of whole grain cereal every morning. Major carb load. I know eat a protein packed breakfast with almost no carbs.

I can't be sure whether it is the leveling off of my sugar levels, from eliminating the carbs, or the vitamin D, but the crashes are gone. I have much more consistent energy throughout the day.
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I've been taking 6,000 iu of Vitamin D3 for at least a couple of years now.  Like you I was previously deficient.  My latest test indicates I'm now in the optimum range.  I didn't notice any increase in my energy level after I started taking it, and since my most recent relapse last summer, my fatigue is worse than it's ever been.  It feels like it washes over me in waves; I fight to keep my eyes open, and my whole body feels heavier.

I've come across no literature that suggests that Vitamin D supplementation improves MS fatigue.  A 2010 study looked in the Netherlands looked at the relationship between Vitamin D status, depression and fatigue.  No significant correlation was found between Vitamin D status and fatigue.  However this study was small and did not examine the impact of supplementation on levels of fatigue, so, as is always the case with such study, further study is needed.

Here's a link to a synopsis of that study:
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I just received my Vitamin deficiency dx. I am at 17 and my doctor put me on 5000iu per day for 3 months...then a recheck. I live in the Seattle area. We don't get much sun so maybe the dosage differences are based on that.

My cousin was also deficient. She was at 24. I just asked her if she noticed improvements and she said her joints didn't ache as much. I'd like that considering my back is bothering me some.

I also am changing my diet to avoid the afternoon carb crash. I am fatigued enough, I don't need to add the carb crash. :)

There are studies that indicate Vitamin D might lessen flares of those that have MS.
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I really don't feel like I'm getting any "fatigue" benefit from the Vitamin D.  

I really wish there was a way to show people what it's like.
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I have been taking Vitamin D for about 6 months, and hate to say, I don't see any benefit for feeling fatigued....   But who knows, maybe I do and it's not feeling worse that is proof it works...  That is the worst about MS, you don't 'improve' like you would with most any other illness.  I've established new normals, like my left arm and hand is always numb, been that was for many, many months.  

I just started copaxone last week, so the doctors want to see how I deal with that, but my primary has suggested if I need something for the fatigue, we can talk about an ampethamine once I do the 6 week bloodwork requested by the neurologist.  Not sure I'm real willing to take someone like that, but might listen if there are non-addictive meds we can use on days when things are really bad.

Are you trying any other natural supplements?

Good luck and hope you find something to help with the fatigue!

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