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Thanks to those who answered my questions last week.  I met with the Neuro yesterday got my dx, positive for MS.  Now to decide the medication.  Any suggestions.  
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Welcome to the club - I'm sorry you have been dx'd with MS - it stinks.  

There is a favorite website I always refer people to with your question - it is a DMD (disease modifying drug) decision making tool put out by the UK MS Society - ignore the part about having to be in the UK to use it and walk through the site.  It will help you understand the choices.

It seems all the neuros put this choice back onto the patient.  Remember there is no real difference in the DMD/s - my msologist talks about it as the pepsi/coke challenge.  They are all the same, just with individual preferences making the final choice for a favorite.

Again, I'm sorry you have this MiSerable disease, but remember that you're not alone.  We're here for you as you figure this out - give yourself plenty of time (maybe even a year) to adjust to the idea.  Expect ups and downs, because this is a real emotional roller coaster.

lots of hugs,

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Thank you,  for the website also,  that should help.  Neuro is encouraging Gilenya however I am sceptical since it is so new
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Sorry to not have met you yet. I'm sorry to hear of the MS dx, but nice to have you here with us.

All the CRABs, copax, rebif, avonex and betaseron have a good track record. I'm on Rebif, but I'll dig for a discussion for you that contains those of us on dmds and what ones.

There are a few things always suggested to consider, and that is injection schedule, i.e, frequency, needle size. I did not consider this very well myself because I was too focused on choosing the right med. What I learned is all you can do is pick one best you can and give it a try. The main ones have proven equal affectiveness, but bear in mind what works for one, may not work for another. So, knowing this, you can always switch.

I like the needle size which is super thin, and 3xs a week is bearable as are the side affects for me.
I'll go bump up that thread for you and please ask anything!
See you around,
p.s. Tell us how you been feeling
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Hi there and welcome to the forum..I think I missed your original post so am not sure what your story is. it sounds as if things mayhave moved fairly quickly for you and you did not sound too shocked at the dx of MS. Good luck choosing the treatment path. The best things is to and around the different options so you are then able to make an informed decision.

I am on an oral drug trial in UK (similar to Gilenya) but do not know if I am on placebo or drug so would not want to put any opinion out there yet. Next month I go onto the extension trial and will definitely be on the drug so will wait till then to see if I feel any different.

Anyhow best of luck in making your decisions aout treatment and allow yourself time to come to terms with the takes a while for it all to sink in so be prepared to initially feel a little numb and I hope you have good support from friends and family who you can talk to.

Best wishes

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Well, I am sorry to hear about the dx but happy that you now have some answers and can start doing what you need to help yourself.

I took what my dr recommended, copaxone.  I have had very little site reactions and it has now become a part of my life.  There is very little I know about any of the other dmds.  Does your dr have any recommendations?  If so, throw that into your basket when deciding what med to take.

Good luck to you and keep us updated on your decision and status.

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