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Spray Tanning???
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Spray Tanning???

Ok, I grew up at the lake.  Summer is my season!  My dad's got a new boat and we go fishin and skiing, just hanging at the islands in the middle of Lake Texhoma.  Now I can not do that anymore, because the heat really messes with me.  I was just diagnosed, so I am gettn a feel for all this MS stuff.  As time goes on, I will get to know my body alot better, I'm sure.

But since I can't go out in the sun and keep my tan, could I get spray tans?  Like from a tanning salon?  I know I ask alot of retarted questions (lol) .  Anyone know about this???
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Hi Kel,

I'm not sure if spray tanning is a contraindication in MS. I would call the tanning salon and ask what the dyes are made of. If it is made with vegetable dyes I don't see why you can't. I do know there are several brands on the market as my daughter goes frequently, so be sure to check with the specific salon you are going to.

If you still have doubts about any interaction with your meds you could call your MS nurse or even your pharmacist as long as you know the ingredients in the solution when you ask them.

Good luck, I hope you can get your tans! I know how much my daughter loves hers.

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Hang on a tick, why do you think you have to give up anything? Managing your MS doesn't mean you stop doing what you enjoy, it means planning ahead, being wise and not doing too much.

I'm a 47 year old wake boarder who's lost the style and tricks, but I still get up, cross the wake, can get in a jump or two before all my energy and muscle control is gone so I then need to get hauled into the boat like a dead fish lol but i'm still doing it and will continue to do so until I can no longer find a way.

There are things you need to consider because of MS but its very doable, it just take planning and lots of cooling aid and time outs lol If you want to pm me i'll give you some tips. :-)

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Hey Kel,

Your getting all the purple flowers here today, lol
Ren is right, you should always check your meds incase they cause sun sensitivity. I've not read it on Rebif, but my MS lifelines nurse did warn me about it too. You may find you tan up quick - that's what happens to me.

I also 2nd Supermum - don't feel you have to give up anything (once you find your happy medium). Boy are we a stubborn bunch or what, lol  See how much you can handle. If the sun tweaks you - leave it to early morning and then get out of it, and re-visit it for short intervals.

I love being outdoors. I love how the sun feels on my skin. Maybe it's the Vita D thing - but regardless I try to make sure I get it. I always have.

Your question is not retarded at all, lol In fact, it's very, very smart. If you can't get the color you want in the time in the sun you can handle - spray or cream away!!!!

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My chance to add to the bouqet.  Copaxone does have a very small type size warning about sun sensitivity.  Take it slow and see how you do.  Don't forget the sunscreen - it needs UVA and UVB protection to be effective.

Try some precooling before you go out in the sun and see if that allows you to spend more time doing what you love.
best, Lulu
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I spent most of the weekend two weeks ago building a 12 x 30 deck with my partner and a friend.  Lots of SPF 50 and my cooling vest.  The combination worked well.  I was tired at the end of both days, but no more than my partner who doesn't have MS.  I'm finding that the cooling vest is making a huge difference.  Even when the weather is in the 80's, walking around and a moderate amount of exertion can raise my core body temp enough to sap my energy.  The cooling vest seems to provide me with a bit more energy reserve.  

So for a $100 investment, I'm back to doing more of the things I used to do.  As far as I am concerned, it was a "C"-note well spent.  I'm finding you do not have to let MS slow you down.

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Don't change your life, modify things here and there.  You are just going down a different road than you expected but it doesn't mean that you have  to give up the things you love.

Yes, in time you will learn more about what you body can and cannot handle. Keep in mind though that like all of us, you will be aging as well so just when you think you know what to expect, things will change.

I don't know anything about spray tans so can't  help you there but you definately do need to keep out of the sun if on steroids (commonly given if in relapse).  

The cooling vest is a great idea. Also you will find that simply getting into the water helps if you are out and about in the sun.  You and I are in Texas though so we both know what HOT means.  Go easy and pace yourself.

Enjoy your summer!


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Thanks so much to all of you!!  Gives me hope!

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MSAA offers a cooling program to assist with these expensive purchases if you need the financial help. The details are here -
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