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Who are you?

Okay, so we all have issues which could or couldn't be MS or a number of related things ....but I know I am more than my symptoms!

I am a 25 year old mother of an (almost) 2 year old boy and step-mother to an 8 year old little girl. I am Jamaican born and raised but live and work in the Cayman Islands. I have a husband who I love but is a pain in the *** sometimes (aren't they all???) Apologies to the men on the forum, I'm sure you're different!

I love going to the beach, reading (mostly horror, fiction, suspense....favourite authors are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Anne Rice....) and playing computer games (World of Warcraft at the moment - lol), I love animals, especially dogs and have bred and trained American Pit Bull Terriers for about 9 years now.

I'm a scorpio and have been told since I was about 3 years old that I am the most argumentative, stubborn person most people in my life have ever met. I will question if the sky is blue and will argue with you about it until you agree it is green with pink spots - LOL

Hence why I started law school, I didn't finish though as I quickly realized I do not like most lawyers. Figured that could be a problem... I've always wanted to do Veterinary medicine but I could never pass chemistry in high school....sigh. a nutshell, that is me!

Who are YOU???
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Hi!  I LOVE your post!  I will respond when I have more time.  I'm at work right now, but wanted to say I love the idea!  You sound like a wonderful person.  I'd love to argue with you!  Truly.  I love a great debate!

Lator, Gator!

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Awesome idea!  Nice to "meet you".

My real name is Lisa. I am 42, married to my college sweetheart and love of my life (second only to our 20-yr-old son). I live near Pittsburgh, born and raised here. Went to Penn State (obviously) for BS and MS in communication disorders. There I developed a deep passion for working with individuals with mental retardation, specialized in it there, never looked back. I currently supervise a very experienced team of MR supports coordinators; I also teach CPR and 1st aid as well as other MR related topics, and investigate allegations of abuse against folks w/ MR for the state office of mental retardation. I absolutely LOVE my job and can't stand to miss a day - as I am today.

I come from a large family - 6 kids. Most of us still live close to each other, which is awesome. Both parents were work-aholics and so are the kids mostly. My mom passed in '94 - will get over that someday. Don't know what I'd ever do without my Dad. He is my rescuer when I find myself at work or somewhere then unable to drive home due to my spasms or vertigo. He's the cutest thing you ever want to meet.

In my spare time, I am a  "volunteer-aholic" - church (teach Sunday school, lector ....), Salvation Army, various soccer teams, non-profits, etc. My mother was an ex-nun, so I was "bred" for it! I am a tremendous fan of dogs (red ones especially) or anything else with fur, poker - play online alot, soccer (have coached, referred and sat on boards for it), and all things Penn State - I have a life-sized cut out of Joe Paterno in my office! Oh yeah, and star-gazing - LOVE watching for shooting stars. I never plan to grow up, but fake it well at work, lol.

By the way, Jl, my son and his friends tell me I should have been a lawyer - always ready for a good debate, on justice or any other topic:)

So, that's me!  Penn

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Hola!  Okay...who am I?  Well, 31 years old, married my college sweetie who I met online in a chat room back in the prehistoric age (my parents flipped out, thought I was meeting an ax murderer).  Nowadays it seems pretty normal!  I have two kiddos...6 year old son just started kindergarten this year, and my 3 year old girl.  I graduated with a geology degree in college and used to be sharper than a tack, not so much now.  Feeling duller with each passing year. :)  So much for being valedictorian.  I worked for a few years in geology consulting, and then moved into environmental farm planning.  I quit work after I had my first baby to stay home and raise him proper.  Been loving being at home, enjoying the kiddos and fleshing out my passions in other areas.

I love to knit, bake, garden, and do pysanky (egg decorating with wax and dyes).  I'm hoping to make some money with it - maybe not a lot, but enough I can justify buying supplies! :)  I am also an animal-aholic.  We have 8 kitties, and 30 chickens, although those couple roosters are going to have to go.  Keep attacking the kiddos.  I like watching movies, although that is an occasional pleasure with the kids so young, but my hubby and I like to sit and watch the tv too.  I usually don't read too much fiction, but I like non-fiction how-to books.  You should see my bookshelves.  I love learning new things.  Too bad none of it sticks around for long. :)

I live in the toolies, and I love it.  Hate the city.  I love the bucolic atmosphere, and wouldn't have it any other way.  I get to see gorgeous snow-covered mountains every day, salty sea air, and the most mesmerizing blue skies you'll ever see - none of that hazy smoggy **** for me!

I'll probably go back to work once my youngest is in school, but I'm enjoying my slow life at the moment.

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Terrific idea!!
My real name is Monika(my name I use on here is what my nieces call me) and I'm a 43 year old female, 16 years common-law with my hubby (if it ain't broke don't fix it view on marriage lol) and no children as I am unable. But our dog Rusty makes up for that. Yes I am an avid dog lover!! I have 2 wonderful older sisters and fantastic parents. I live in Ontario, Canada in an area we call the great white north. We have some fun winters here.

I work at a private boarding school for troubled teen girls in the residence for 2 years now. I am also taking a home correspondence course in counseling. I love my job and the girls there. I have been on sick leave but am going back this week for a couple of days to see how I do. I'm hoping to be able to work at least 3 days a week if my health allows.

I love reading books and enjoy anything from metaphysical books to fantasy and intrigue and I even enjoy an Archie comic book once in a while. lol My all time favorite book is Lord of the Rings. I also enjoy cooking, gardening and playing computer games. Once a week my girlfriends and I have a Bingo night on Pogo. I also love animated movies and I'm pretty sure I own most of them. I too will never grow up. lol

I'm a Virgo and like things done a certain way and will give you a really good argument as to why it should be done my way. lol

Well that's me in a nutshell ( yes I'm a nut lol)

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thought Id add to this one my names chris ( hate christine) got married to my hubby 34 yrs ago now Im 50 oops where did it go ! Had four kids all grown up now with kiddies of their own and I love them to bits ! Live with my hubby whose got health problems as well ! Got a good sense of humour usually and like wise a Virgo whose not a perfectionist so perhaps my mum got my birthdate wrong lol I used to work with crisis kids in the care system in the uk hence the sense of humour I suppose ! Love animals got a staffy whose cuddly , and like reading , beading , and car boots
xx chris
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  Great post and wonderful idea. And here's Johnny..

  Hmmm, 47 years young, male, extremely good looking (hey, it's the internet, I can say anything right?), OK, just an average good looking guy.. sorry can't help it. I'm in pretty good physical shape, 6' tall and 185 lbs.

  I was born in Maine (USA) and spent my first 18 years there. OK, but a bit cold for me, I don't like anything below 75F. I joined the US Air Force at 18 and traveled a small part of the world. I spent 6 years in the Philippines and another 6 years in Central America (Panama). I was in for 20 years and then retired. The other 8 years I spent bouncing around the US. Mississippi, Utah, Michigan, New Hampshire, Florida, and Texas.

  I was an air traffic controller for 16 years, the last 4 years I was the Air Field Manager which overseas the daily operation of the airport. I loved the service and the friends I made. A very good bunch of people.

  I'm a democrat but tend to just go with my gut feelings on politics. I don't care for the current US policy and administration and think it's time to break the taboos and elect a woman president. It might just send a signal to the rest of the world that the US is ready for a change.

  I was a healthy, active, 5 day a week golfer. I played league basketball for 15 years, I love racquetball but seldom play anymore. Golf has become a once or twice a year event because of my health. In fact, just about most of the things I loved to do are on the back burner for now.

  I have a lovely wife of 27 years, we have two children. My sone is 25 and my daughter 20.

  I have had two jobs in 47 years. The Air Force and now with a semiconductor manufacture where I do sustaining work. A step below engineering stuff, basically fix the stuff that someone else messed up if its possible. I work in an electrical testing lab and get to wear a cool white jacket, gloves, hair bonnet and mask. Needless to say I don't come home from work dirty.

  I was going to retire in the Philippines however I was living on the side of Mt Pinatubo when it erupted for the first time in 600 years. My family and I had an hours notice to take whats important and leave. I never returned to my home, and seven weeks later we were evacuated from there and that was the last time I saw the country I had fallen in love with. 85-90 everyday and sunny!

  I now live in Maine again. When i retired from the Air Force I was going to settle in Florida but decided that my kids had not been around their grandparents much and that Maine was were we needed to be. Three years later my dad passed any from cancer, 2 years after that my mom from cancer. A year later my wifes parents moved to Florida. Nice. So here I sit in Maine wondering why I didn't stay in Florida. Well it was really nice to spend time with my parents at the end and I wouldn't have traded that for anything.

  Hey, did I say I was 6'3" and good looking yet? Love the internet..

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Room for another little one.....

My real name is Emma, although Em to friends and family.  I'm 31 (just, had to get that in). Very happily married to a wonderful man called Rob.  We've only been married just over 2 years but have been together 12 years in total.  He is my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, my strength and my voice of reason.

No kids but I came off the pill recently so fingers crossed.  From a large family, I am the youngest of 7 kids, 4 big brothers and 2 big sisters.  Although I'm the youngest I am also the 5ft 11, which my brothers revenge for years of torment from them when I was

I work for the government in education which I really enjoy...if not a little pressured at times. My claim to fame is that I left home at 10 years old to train as a classical ballet dancer.  Unfortunately my knees gave way under my height at the age of 17 so had to gracefully retire....can still do the splits famous party trick after too many glasses of wine.

I am a big sports fan and before all this happened you would normally find me at the gym, in the pool or on the bike. Love reading, particularly thrillers and ghosty type books, love all that paranormal stuff...just as long as it's not in my house.  We moved into our new house about 2 years ago and my mum and sister are convinced that the development is haunted...probably is as my house is built on an old battle site....spooky. I really enjoy painting canvasses too.  

Normally do alot of fund raising too.  For a number of years I have completed an annual distance swim for charity.  My dad has parkinsons so I usually swim for the local branch he goes to but I've also raised money for other charities like cancer research, ms (ironically) and a blind charity in the uk.

And I'm a cancerian...

Thats pretty much it. oh yeah, almost forgot.  I live in the UK on the border of Northumberland, although I am orginally from Yorkshire...I will always be a yorkshire pudding at heart though.

That's me.

Em (aka the tall one)

215385 tn?1201806501
Love it......still laughing.  Great fun.
266400 tn?1193638081
Thought I would chime in here  :)    My friends and I always thought we were comedians (especially after rum/cokes ).. when  a guy would introduce himself to me I would say..
Hi, I'm Roxanne  I have MS and 3 biracial kids... How many guys do you think came back knocking at my door!!  It has been a running joke for 7 yrs now!!    
Anyway,  I do have 3 kids...10, 8, & 5  my 5 yr old son had brain damage at birth with autistic traits.. so you can possible imagine what our house is like if he is having a bad day at the same time as I am!!  My poor fiance...which I met online few yrs ago.  My kids and I moved from Indiana to central California last year... I graduated college first with business  then Teachers degree (special ed),  didnt think I would like that  so I went back for Nursing degree..  quit work in 2003 from being a hospice nurse, my mom had just died from cancer.. and my dad was dx with prostate cancer few days before my mom died.. so neuro thought it was time for me to stop and take care of myself and family . so here I have 3 degrees and Im a stay at home mom (thanks to MS).. but I volunteer at church and at my kids schools..
Im the youngest of 7 kids (4 girls and 3 boys)  and NO I'm not the spoil the one!
Well.. I think thats the jist of it!!
My 25 yr old niece just asked me today.. are you still a country girl or u a city girl now.. my reply was... YOU CAN TAKE THE GIRL OUT OF THE COUNTRY, BUT YA CANT TAKE THE COUNTRY OUT OF THE GIRL!!    YEEE HAAAAAAAAAAA   :)
Avatar n tn
Well lets see. My name is Lisa. I am married to my husband Blake.. We have three gorgeous boys.. Stetson 20, Derek 15, & Colton 13... My whole family is so good understanding how I feel with my up and down days... I have been diagnosed with possible MS.. But due to lost insurance I havent completed testing...
Anyways,  I  love the outdoors, love to travel and spend time with family....
I recently quit my job as an EMT  in the Emergency Room, Due to my health problems...
But, I hope and pray soon, I can get it under control and keep doing what I love... Taking care of other people...

I love hearing everyones story and I think you had an excellent idea for people to tell WHO THEY ARE....
Everyone is welcome to visit my Myspace page at   ... I would love to share stories and be here for anyone that would just like to talk...

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Hmmm.....I'm afraid I have become someone defined by my disability.  But, I will tell you a little about how I got here - minus most of the medical stuff.

I am the youngest of two, my sister, 18 months older now lives with me and is my main caretaker.  

We moved all over the western US growing up, but landed in So Cal for high school.  I was the typical, geeky brain, on the speech team and the swim team.  In college I was a dual Pre-Med and Spanish Literature Major, graduated Magna, Phi Beta Kappa and Hypo Gamma Chondria, and went on to USC School of Med.  The spanish was the smartest thing I could ever have done, as I also trained at LA County General (largest teaching hospital in the world) and about 90% Spanish-speaking-only patients.

Initially I did an old fashioned Rotating Internship - combining Medicine, OB/Gyn, Peds, and Surgery.  Then off to the Indian Health Service who I was a general Medical Officer in the Public Health Service for three years.  It was in Yuma, AZ and I started in July.  I signed all the employment papers, and because the PHS is a (sort of) branch of the military (you know, head guy is the Surgeon General) my mom and I were of to the Marine base to the commissary to stock up.

Well, they stopped us at the gate and asked for ID.  I remembered something about signing a page titled something like "Officer Commission."  So I told the guard, "I think I'm an officer."  Now, mind you, I was 27, weighed about 120 and had my long wavy, blond hair up in pigtails, and was in short shorts and a peasant blouse - maaaaybe looked 16.

The guard snorted and said, "Little Girl, if you were an officer you'd KNOW your were an officer."  The three other marines standing nearby snickered.

To which I said, "No, Really, I think I signed something.  Mother give me that file folder."  So I reached in and fumbled around and found my commission papers.  I was a 2nd Lieutenant.  I gave him the papers, he paused then muttered, "My God, She's a Lieutenant!"  And everybody snapped to attention.  This scared the Holy sh** out of me, and I thought they were going to shot me.  I froze.  They just stood there staring straight ahead.  My mom leaned over and said, "They won't relax until you salute back."  I had never saluted before, no one had ever said how to do it, so I shakily reaffirmed the location of my forehead, and he waived me through.  Meanwhile, my mom is in convulsions of hyterical laughter, and my heart is pounding a mile a minute.

that was the beginning of my military career.

I went on after being doctor to the Cocopah and Quechan tribes back to LA County General and did my Residency in Pediatrics in Spanish.  Then I did most of a Fellowship ar UCLA in Immunology/Allergy/Asthma.  In the meantime I married an Engineer.  He and I met at a massage workshop in Big Sur.  He was totally blind and the smartest and funniest human being I had ever met.  While I did my residency, he completed his Masters in Computer Science (He already had degrees in Economics from the Univ of Chicago and in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford.)

Long story short - 10 years on the South Side of Chicago practicing developmental medicine with the group that pioneered the first specialty school using simultaneous communication with kids with autism.  My practice was about 1/3 autistic kids and their sibs, 1/3 very, low bithweight premies (BW less than 2 pounds after they graduated from the nursery) and 1/3 other multi-handicapped kids.

Hubby turned out to be a closet sociopath and the marriage went south as he continually berated me for not making enough money.  This was after I put him through the University of Chicago Law School (ranked 2nd in the nation right behind Yale)

We maoved to a small town in the Nevada desert, separated, I paid HIM alimony, and he forced me into bankruptcy.  Vertigo---disability---MS  yada yada yada.

I am housebound for the most part because the vertigo has casued extreme sensitivity to car motion.  I have my sis and 4 lovely cats.  Abby is the regal, elder queen, a fawn (pinsh-beige) Abysinnian who reads my heart.  Tony, is a mackerel Maine Coon-type who is sort of like your old college roommate - the one who ran around in his boxer shorts and drank beer for breakfast.  He is huge and has no clue about the concept of momentum.  So he is called Tony, the Destroyer.  When you yell at him he looks up lovingly and says, "Hi, Mom!"  Trax is a prim, extreme long-hair Tuxedo.  Very polite with the voice of a newborn kitten.  Finally we have snickerbritches, the little bengal mix, named Clyde.  She, too, will be empathetic and a playful lover.

I love the trees and the weather here.  I'm on the mountainside so we see the Columbia Gorge and the river.  I love the nourishing rain and the Washington state flower - mildew.  I listen to John Denver.  I knit compulsively, but buy yarn more compulsively, having never met a skein of yarn I didn't buy.  My mom says I look at the world slantwise and have a quirky sense of humor.

I never had kids, never wanted them, but adored all the thousands that passed through my office.

And, yes, there is a support group for people who talk too much.  It's called


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Hi all - What a great idea!
My name is Kristin and I am a 37 year old mother of 2, Nick 10 & Samantha 6.  My husband is Mark and was made by God for me.  We have been married for 12 years.  I had a rocky childhood here in Florida, my father was a drug addict (prescription drugs mainly) and I was/ am a recovering alcoholic.  I have been sober since I was 20 - yes, I have never had a legal drink!  I am the middle child and have an older brother and a younger sister and a very large extended family that all moved here from New Jersey in the early 70's.  
I am an LPN but I quit nursing after my daughter was born to work at the family business selling Windows & Doors, better money and no shift work.  I love to bake, clean (I know, it's borderline OCD!!), laugh and oh yeah, laugh!  I love Seinfeld, and we have every episode on tape somewhere.  .  I also love to garden, cut the lawn and work.  I am what most would consider ADHD so reading books is not in the cards but I enjoy anything that can hold my attention for more than 30 minutes!  I have 3 dogs, 2 Jack Russels and a Humane Society mix that is my baby!      

It is wonderful getting to know you all!

Oh yeah - and I earned a Gold medal in the 2004 Olymipics in the 200 m hurdles  - how about that Johnny!!  Isn't the internet great!
147426 tn?1317269232
Hah!  I WAS one of the hurdles in the 2004 Olympics!
Avatar f tn
Sherry here.  Hi all.  According to my former neurologist, I am "a pleasant white woman" and am "slightly obese".  Oops! I forgot - no neuro talk here.  I am 42 years old and have three children; a 17 year old daughter, and two sons - 14 and 9.  I teach 7th grade life science, so I deal with 100 hormonal kids all day and then come home and deal with two more.  The youngest is still by baby.  My kids are all wonderful . . . all 103 of them.  I feel blessed to hang out with people who make me laugh all day and then come home to 3 kids that I adore.  (It is so awesome when you realize you like your kids, not just love them.)  My husband of 20 years is a veterinarian.  Between our careers, we have many animals coming through our home.  We have two dogs, two lizards, and 7 "pity kitties".  Our snakes escaped this summer. . . thank goodness they were in the garage not the house, and my tree frog - which I've had for 6 years - just died.

If I have spare time, I love gardening (flowers, esp.) and reading.  I hang out with my kids as much as possible . . . chaperoning church camps, etc.  We love going to the drive-in . . .$10/car for a double feature - can't beat that - and I don't feel guilty if I fall asleep in the middle of the movie.  We take geek vacations: gathering seashells on Sanibel Island, searching for trilobites in Ohio, etc.  Life is good (with one little exception :) ).  
271770 tn?1221995684
Hi there! I have enjoyed reading your stories immensely! You are all such witty and wonderful people! Alas, I may just let the side down here :-)

My name is Melissa, I am 24 years old and I am all that Cancerians are said to be. I grew up in a small town in South Australia, a really wonderful place to start life. I have an older sister and older brother and grew up the child who would always be left out. (awww, the violins are playing hehe) I could swim before I could walk and joined the swimming club at age 7. I competed in a whole heap of competitions and my form stroke was breastroke for a while and then butterfly. I competed in the state championships at age 11 and was on my way to bigger and better things. Suddenly I started going through puberty and things went downhill from there, resulting in a very interesting medical 'episode' ending up in an inability to walk and hospitalisation for two weeks. One day it just started getting better and things went mostly back to normal.

At High School I was a keen musician, specialising in the Clarinet and the Tenor Sax. I loved my music teachers and had an absolute ball playing jazz and rocking out in general. I also starting singing and had the pleasure of singing with Australian jazz greats Don Burrows and James Morrison - some of the best moments of my life!

I also enjoyed developing my linguistic skills at High School, having learnt German since reception, and decided to take this right the way through Uni. I went to the University of Adelaide and studied a Bachelor of International Studies and a Diploma in Languages (German). I started a Law degree as well (so studying 3 degrees at the same time) and soon became unwell again, which meant a year later I was so unwell that I had to quit Uni, stop working and move back to the country to live with my parents for 6 months until I could get back on my feet again. I decided to start learning Russian at this point and focussed what little energy I had on it.

I moved back to Adelaide and started working full time, studying part-time, and finally finished my first degree. I then did my Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) last year and became a High School Teacher. Funnily enough I scored a permanent position on staff mainly as a German teacher at my old high school and have moved back to Clare! (Although not with my parents... and, breathe hehe) So far it has been really stressful but rewarding and I have gotten sick again.

Oh well... at least I'm on the hunt for a kitten and I'm looking at picking up my Russian again next year as well as starting a Grad Dip in TESOL by distance over the next two years, which is really exciting. I am single and looking to add more dimensions to my life. I think I want children in the future if the right guy comes along but I may not be able to have any. Se la vie.

In my spare time I enjoy chilling out, watching TV, playing computer games, quilling (a form of paper art) and learning very difficult languages. I am about to join my old swimming club again so am hoping that I don't drown in the process hehe I think it will be a real challenge but it will give me another opportunity to get to know my students and to get active again. Not exactly looking forward to getting into that lycra swimsuit though...

Great to meet you all!

PS - The best thing about moving back here? The fact that my high school boyfriend from so many moons ago is still here... :-)
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Hello all, what a wonderful idea.  My name is Carol and my nickname that was given to me by the railroaders that came to my grandmas cafe is "Tuffy".  I'm 42 years young.  I have been married for 25 years to Rob who was my first real love at the age of 16.  We have our ups and downs but I know he loves me and I know I love him and that's all that matters in the end.  

Rob and I have 3 wonderful children who I have devoted my entire life to.  Everything I have ever done was to make their lives better.  I love them more than life itself.  I also have 4 wonderful grand-kids.  Sammie, Caleb, and Mariah are my step grandchildren that God so graciously gave me.  They are the ones who gave me the name grannyhotwheels.  My son blessed me with the most perfect granddaughter you could ever imagine.  She is perfect in every way.  I can't imagine life without any of them.

I have worked 3 different jobs in my life.  I never went to college but worked so my hubby could go.  I intended to go after him but here came the little angels and that was that.  I worked at McKee Baking Co. which is the owners of Little Debbie Cakes, what a wonderful place to gain  I then worked at La-Z-Boy Manufacturing.  I sewed the seat cushions you set on.  Lastly before I had to quit because of health I worked for Day Spring Greeting Cards which is owned by Hallmark.

Before MS.  I played on an adult women's softball team that won first place in the state of Arkansas fast pitch.  I'm pretty proud of that.  I played 1st base.  After that the town I lived in switched to slow pitch which was a blast and I played left field.  I loved it got a lot of balls hit my way.  I was fast and oh how I love the Internet.  No really, this is all true.

My hubby and children also played.  It was hard with everyone playing so of course as always I gave mine up so I could coach my daughters softball team.  I loved to go outside and play a quick game of basketball with my son and the neighbor kids.  During football season I played football with the same bunch.  I was the cool mom on the block.

I now live in the boonies where I sit and drink coffee while watching the deer walk through the woods right in my back yard.  It's beautiful.  I live in Oklahoma but I'm 3 miles from Arkansas.  I'm the biggest Oklahoma Sooner Football fan you will ever meet.  My kids tell me I'm a fanatic.  I even have a Honors table in my living room foyer dedicated totally to the Sooners.  That way every one that visits gets to see that

I could go on and on because this is so fun talking about what I would still love to be doing and would be if I could.  My PT asked me this morning what my long term goals for therapy was and I told him that I wanted to play on an adult women's softball team next spring.  He told me that he would see me

Thank you for giving me this oportunity.  I feel so much better now, and as always I'll be praying,

Carol - grannyhotwheels - hotlegs
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3 words . . . "Wooo, Pig, Sooie!"  :-O

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I am a mother of 4 adult children and Nana to 4 grandchildren (so far). I am a sister to 4 brothers. I, too, am blessed to have children I like/love and it seems it is returned.

I am a close friend to 1 dog, 1 cat. I am on a waiting list for a service dog.

I am an artist. Drawing is my core modality.

I love to read. Anything. Except maybe romances.

I am an introvert. Confidently and competently introverted.

I like to camp--preferably alone.

I like to cook. Mostly healthy foods and have a preference for simple, peasent food.

I am a nerd. I love school and am in my dissertation phase of my doctorate. It is on animal assisted therapy in a mental health setting.

I am a psychotherapist. Work takes most of my energy right now. I have worked in one form of the helping services or another for nearly 30 years. I am currently a clinical team coordinator/animal therapy coordinator at a residential psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents. Most of them have been horrifically abused. I work with 1 guinea pig, 3 rats, several dogs, 2 goats, and 8 horses and a lot of people in a beautiful setting on around 1200 acres. I love my work.

I have had a lifetime of adventures and misadventures--with few regrets. I am generally happy!!!

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Please if you don't mind I would like to add a couple of more things.  My parents where my number 1 fans as I grew up playing every sport that girls could play.  I also was Watts Rodeo Princess when I was 12.  I barrel raced for several years and rodeod all over until my dad became ill with cancer.  He passed away at the age of 44 when I was 14.  A year later my mother was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 39 and she passed away 10 years later at the age of 49.  I will die missing them both.

I grew up around horses, cows, chickens, pigs, dogs, cats, and anything I caught.  I now have 2 dogs.  Hank is a pit bull and Maddie is a pug.  She is the one who told me I forgot about her.  She sits on my lap and reads all of my

I have 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother.  I also have 5 nephews.  I had a very close nit family who always gathered at grandmas for Sunday dinner.  Lord, how I miss those days.

I am very involved with my church although I can't do a lot these days.  I also sing and play the guitar when my hands allow me too.

I think that's about it and thank you for allowing me to add a little more.  Like you had a choice.hahaheehee.

I'll be praying,
199882 tn?1310188142
I live close enough that I root for the hogs some too, but they will never compare to my Sooners!
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My name is Toni, I'm 41.Divorced once and seperated now.

I have 4 children,my eldest is 21 and lives close,my 18 year old daughter is in the Navy and studying electrical nuclear engineering in SC.My son is 16 and my youngest daughter is 12.

I have a degree in statistical process control and have worked in a variety of factories.Before children and as a teenager I worked for the RED CROSS and taught swimming lessons and water saftey to train lifeguards.

I am currently disabled not by the MS but 2 failed back surgeries,the MS was an added bonus.

I enjoy spending time with my children and playing practical jokes,I love to laugh and refuse to grow up.

I am one of 4 children,I'm an identical twin,but the better looking one.(lol)

I enjoy remodeling my old home and enjoy household projects,I like to quilt,love to cook and have many flower and water gardens.

I am an advid football watcher and a seattle seahawks fan.Love the Ohio State Buckeyes

I volunteer during football season to do consession stands for the acedemic boosters.

I belong to a fitness center,somedays I think its just a social membership(lol)

I enjoy being with my family  and spending time with my kids having bonfires,I love having a housefull of teenagers as they are so full of life.

I have raised newfoundlands,but down to just having my one and getting another on Monday

I just generally love life in general and look at everday as a good day


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  OK, you got me Kristin!  I lied, I'm not 6'3".
195469 tn?1388326488
Of course, you may have already figured out that my name is Heather,  I am a Navy brat and have lived in many places around the world.  Go Navy!

I am now 54 years old, mother of two and grandmother to 5 and great-grandmother to one.  I was married for 34 years, divorced when my husband's zipper went through a mid-life crisis.  (Sorry to be so blunt..)  Been divorced now for 3 years, met a wonderful, loving and most handsome man on the Internet and have been with him since my divorce.  I am treated like a queen.  Hopefully someday, I will be a "Mrs." again.  I enjoyed having that title and honor.

Ex husband and I are now the best of friends.  Easy divorce, no arguements, just friendship; for which I am grateful.  It helps my two adult children to know that their parents don't fight and argue anymore.  It all turned out to be a good thing.

I was once a ballerina, very active in most sports and told I am blessed with a sensitive, loving heart and a sense of humor.

When I was 52, I found out that I was adopted at birth.  A secret that was suppose to follow all my "relatives" to the grave.  Father has severe dementia and it "slipped out."  Also found out that my brother, is not really my blood brother.  Changed my whole world...  I finally am adjusting and learning to take life as it comes.

I adore animals...especially my toy poodle and my three Chihuahua's.  Lap dogs are wonderful for pain relief....great little "heating pads," when the pain from the ugly MS, rears it's head.  When I have an "attack" I tell everyone that the "MS Pac-Man" is at work in my brain again.  Everyone has learned by now; that means Heather is not feeling up to par.

I live in Virginia among the mountains and fresh air, after spending most of my life around the Washington, D.C. area, where my father was stationed.  Glad to be away from that rat race.  I am the proud daughter of a retired Navy Captain, who served aboard the U.S.S. Missouri, when the peace treaty was signed with Japan.  Even have lived in Japan...wonderful people and a beautiful land.

The love of my life and I, enjoy a quiet, relaxing, retired life and are now building an "HO" scale model railroad, to "play" with, this winter.  What fun.  Expensive hobby as I am finding out, but fun.

I've never met a 'stranger' and live life to the fullest.  I am a blessed woman and truly love life....

220917 tn?1309788081
Hi, everyone! I'm kind of shy, but here goes:

I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.
I'm not much into yoga, and I have half a brain.
I like making soup at midnight, in the dunes of the cape.
I'm the lady you've looked for.  Write to me and escape!

Zilla*  aka Twinkle Toes*
222135 tn?1236491821
Too funny=)
271770 tn?1221995684
Hehehe you make me smile every time :-)
199882 tn?1310188142
Yours was the best!! hahaheehee
228463 tn?1216765121
Hey, I thought I heard from someone here that Johnny is good looking, can't remember who told me!  Maybe he likes Pina Coladas too!    Gotta go  - I am in training!
Have a great weekend!

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Loved all your posts, Twinkle toes you are a scream!!!

Well, who am I? I am a almost 53 year old female (Nov), a true scorpio (very opinionated!), and a tom boy at heart.  I have one daughter, Beth, who is 24 - A son, Cory, who is 21 - A step-son, Sam, who is 20.  I also think my kids are super and we are very, very close.  I was a single mom for 6 years after divorcing my kids dad, he also had a zipper problem.  Beth is a residential home builder, Cory and Sam are college boys.

I was an only child who grew up being my dad's little helper.  My dad was a man's man and two of his favorite sayings were - "Can't never could do anything" and "You ain't gonna learn no younger!" This has always been with me, and in tough times I just think of what my dad would say and move on forward.  He was a big rodeo man and owned his own rodeo company so I grew up around bulls, horses, cowboys and cowgirls! His biggest problem with me was he would have a really mean bull and my job was to take care of everything if he had to go out of town and most times when he would get home I would have the mean bulls eating out of my hand. Really ticked him off! I was also 5'9" and 100 lbs so when he was training his bulls (600-900 lbs) to work in the bucking chutes guess who got to ride them, or try to anyway?  That was until I landed on my head and didn't know who I was for about 3 days!  That must be what's wrong with me now!!! hee hee hee

My mom was the greatest too and a real tough cookie.  She and I would drive trucks, hauling the rodeo stock and dad just expected us to be with him always.  She was a fantastic Nana and my kids and I loved her with all our hearts.  My dad loved his grandkids and spoiled them to no end!  I lost my dad in April, 2003 and my mom in Nov. 2003, it was the worse year of my life and I miss them everyday without end.

Needless to say I love animals and am now owned by a year old, 100 lb, female bloodhound named Sadie. She is my only child still at home! hee hee hee  

I live in Lincoln, Alabama just down the road from the Talladega Motor Speedway, twice a year it is totally crazy around here.  Last weekend to be exact!!!  I have been married to my high school sweetheart for the past 11 years and we are residential home builders.  I love to read, mostly mysteries, and also like to do puzzles.  Up until this summer I worked in my yard constantly and had lots of flowers.  Now that the weather has cooled here some I intend to get back to my gardening and enjoy being outside more which is one of my most favorite things.  I love the mountains and the water and really miss walking in the woods.

We are a mixed family when it comes to college football. My son and I are big Auburn fans - WAR EAGLE!!!!, while my hubby and his son are huge Alabama fans - boo ROLL TIDE!!!!  I have a tag on the front of my truck that reads, "A House Divided", it's half Bama and half Auburn.

We look forward to the day we can buy some land and build another home for us.  I want lots of animals and room to roam.  My hubby loves to fish which he hasn't been able to do in years, I hope to have a huge lake so he can fish anytime he wants.

I am also a person who has found a bunch of loving, compassionate, giving, and enormously funny people on this forum.  I love you all and feel so blessed to be part of this group.  You are part of my family now and part of my life, be happy and grateful for another day to share with each other and the ones we love!

Love & ((((hugs))) to all!!!
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Good thread!  I enjoyed reading more about my new internet family!

Me.... well, I'm kind of boring....  :-)

I will be 45 yo next month and have been stay-at-home-mom to my kids for almost 8 years.   I was born, raised and am still living in the same city in Southern California.  I'm actually still in the same neighborhood.  My DH and I bought my childhood friend's home.  Kind of unusual for a Navy brat to be residing in the same city for 45 years, but like I said, I'm boring!!!   ;-)

I have 4 children ~ a son 15.5 years old, who just got his Driver's Permit (look out!);  a 10 yo girl; an almost 9 yo girl, and my "very active" 3 yo son.  Yeah, my DH and I had kids later in life, and he's 3 years older than me!

Before becoming a SAHM, I worked as a Computer Scientist for the Navy (Civilian).   I graduated from college with a BS in Applied Mathematics/Computer Science emphasis.  During my 14 year stint with the government, I did a wide variety of things from programming surface ship torpedoes to designing/writing portions of the base financial database.

My DH is an electrical engineer for the government as well.  I met him over 20 years ago when he came to work at the base.   We are a bit unusual in that we married, divorced when our oldest son was 1 yo and then remarried again (and had 3 more children).  When someone asks us how long we've been married, we always have to ask "the first or second time"?   That usually confuses everyone.  ;-)

I have only one sibling, a sister that is 10 years older than me.   My mom used to say that my dad had shore duty twice during his Navy career!!

My mom is still alive and fairly well at age 83.   My father died of cancer at the young age of (almost) 58.  We actually had his funeral and buried him on his 58th birthday.   I thought that was rather fitting though.   My mom and sister and my family all live within 1 mile of each other.

All four of my grandparents plus my own father died in their 50s.  I figure I don't come from a very healthy gene pool.  :(   Mostly cancer, stroke, and heart though ~ not any auto-immune stuff that I know of.  I guess I'm the lucky one.

My DH's parents both died of massive heart attacks at age 65.  They died in the same room of their home exactly 8 weeks apart.    Strange coincidence.  Thus my children only have one living grandparent.  They are very fortunate that they get to see her almost every day.  

I was a "tom-boy" growing up and was very active with all kinds of sports as a child (and fairly good as well).  I used to love skateboarding and started riding way back when the boards had those old metal wheels.  I continued skateboarding up until college.  I still have my last skateboard that I bought.  I hoped to pass that down to my kids.  

I don't know what happened with our 3 oldest children, but we finally got an offspring with our 4th child that seems to have inherited our sports enthusiasm!!!   I still love going out in the backyard and throwing/kicking the ball, playing tetherball, even swinging on the playset.  I figure it's good for me as well as them to keep active.

Most of my time now is spent with the kids' and their activities or going to doctor appointments.   I still love being on the computer, I just spend more of my time surfing the internet now instead of programming.
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Hi, i am 54 years old, yikes... married to my sweetie for 35 years, met him when i was 17 years old and at Rockaway Beach... i laugh about that alot... because he said he fell in love with me at first sight... and still does... now 40 lbs. heavier, a few wrinkes here and there, and lots of medical baggage... it makes me want to cry when he says that...

Anyway, we live on long island, ny... we raised 2 great kids... my daughter is 33, married to a terrific man, they have a precious 20 month old son, he has the bluest eyes and blondest hair ...truly, everyone remarks about his great blue eyes...he  has developmental delays...but works so hard at his therapy and we believe he is getting stronger and will eventually catch up... my husband and i help as much as we can with his care and therapy... he truly is the most beautiful little boy in the world... my son is also married to his high school sweetie, she is like another daughter to me, and they have a 7 month old daughter, our princess,she is quick and pirky and a smile that will melt your heart... my family is my joy and as i tell them... the icing on my cake... i can truly say...

My professional life was nursing... i have been a school nurse for 18 years... love my teenagers... it was the best job in the world for me.... i have raised my kids and worked during their school schedule and it was wonderful working and helping so many troubled teens... i miss it very much... i have been on medical leave almost 1 year since this medical mystery came on full and strong...

My prayer is that we have an answer soon... and i can return to work, if not, i will continue to help care for my grandchildren when i can and continue volunteering for cancer society and teens in need... i feel like Quix, i may not be able to phsyically work, but my calling is to help others in need is still strong and i believe God will continue to direct my path.

It has been wonderful meeting everyone here at this forum... i know that this has been a GOD-send for me.
I keep you ALL in my daily prayers.
GOD bless,
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So, here goes me....

I am 27
I am a wife (4 1/2 years)
I am a mother (3 years)
I am a student (23 years)
I am a hair stylist at Le Salon (7 years)
I am going to school to be a pediatric nurse
I am family oriented
I am a dog lover
I am a cat appreciator
I am a fan of the color orange
I am always going on a diet
I am good at public speaking, although...
I am not fond of public speaking
I am random
I am an excellent judge of character
I am a good friend
I am a good listener
I am a talker
I am one who tells it like it is
I am one who doesn't like to hear it like it is
I am assertive
I am a procrastinator
I am scared of bad dreams
I am restless
I am good at organizing
I am unorganized
I am tired
I am a horrible driver
I am the person that doesn't let you in my lane
I am sorry, nothing personal
I am tired of using I am, but still...I am
I am a sap
I am low maintenance
I am bad with money
I am nonpartisan
I am always losing something
I am always running out of time
I am forever aiming to study
I am paranoid
I am optimistic
I am wondering if you can really be both
I am irritated by florescent lights
I am irritated by bright lights in general
I am nearsighted
I am on the phone a lot
I am good at multitasking
I am someone who likes the rain
I am facetious
I am impervious
I am glad to have met you all
I am done

252144 tn?1227426220
Wow, how to get all that information out and be as entertaining as you all have been!

I'm 29, pushing thirty...really far away!  My name is Shelby.  My parents were Motorsports fans, so I got named after a Mustang.  I always joked that they could have been hippies and I could have been named Dirt or Rain...I appreciate my name more today then I did when I was a kid...oh how I would have loved to been named Melissa or something...But now I wear Shelby loud and proud.  

My nickname is Sasquatch, lovingly given to me by my sister!  I tower over my family at 6'1.  I've always had issues about being so tall...but now I embrace it, and wear 3 inch heels when I go out, I have great legs!

At age 8 I started racing go-karts, which I did for nearly 10 years after that.  I loved to beat the boys (there were only 3 girls in the club that I raced in).  I would finish a race then pull off my helmet and swing my blonde hair around like a shampoo commercial just to let the crowd know that the speeding bullet racing by was operated by a "she" not a "he".  I had great dreams of being a famous race car driver, then they were stolen by Danica Patrick!  She better hope not to meet me in a dark alley.  

I love to laugh! I love it more when I make people laugh!

I was a huge trouble maker as a kid, that lasted well into my early adult years.  I stopped the bad behavior when I learned of the term "tried as an adult" But, I behave myself now! For the most part!

I over achieved at under achievement!  My older sister is wicked smart so I tried my best to be dumb.  After I got over the jealousy I had, I went on to College at Southern Illinois University where I studied Radiologic Science and American Sign Language.  I graduated from there with honors, so I too am now wicked smart.  

I knew this guy in high school, his name was Mike!  We were just casual friends...after graduation we never saw each other again.  About 5 years later, while home from SIU on spring break I ran into Mike again, who was also home on break.  Guess where he went to school? SIU!  It was in the cards...We met up that one night and have been together since!

Mike is my world!  He's all I need in life.  We just fit together well.  We are opposites.  I like what he doesn't and vice versa.  We never fight, well almost never.  We compliment each other well.  

I work in a hospital, doing MRI.  I love to take care of people.  I have what I called a jinx.  It never least once a week I do an MRI on someone that has MS.  I see those lesions and say "this person's life is about to change".  But I would still send them off with a smile.  Never did I think I would have to send the love of my life off with that same smile!  

I'm a firm believer in the saying "when life gives you lemons make lemon-aid!"  Then
find someone who's life has given them vodka and have a party!

I agree with everyone!  This was a wonderful idea.  It's nice to get to know everyone a little better!

Have a great weekend!  

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I'm 32 years old, 5'2, blonde stay at home mom. My oldest daughter is a freshman, and the other is kindergarten! My husband works in another state, but comes home 2 days a week.

After dh and I were married, we moved to NW PA for about four years. I missed my family, so we moved back to NH.  We built a house on my family's farm where I grew up. My sister's family lives next to us, and dad's house is at the other end of the farm.

I have a black lab named Mike and a yellow lab Molly. They keep my feet warm at night, and Mike "protects" the family when dh is away. Mike only sounds mean...he would lick anyone to death!

We also have two Myna birds that talk up a storm. They say full sentences, wolf whistle and sing the 1812 Overture. "Who's a pretty baby bird?", "Hello? How are you?", "Mike!". It's hard to be sad when you hear "I love you pretty girl!" 60 times a day. (dh taught them to say that!)

I would like to go back to college (eekkk!) for RN once my kids are older. A long time ago, I earned my LNA to "test the waters". I breezed through the class, passed and became a statistical annalist! (I know it makes no sense!)

This past winter, I earned an general class amateur radio license. I'm an elected steering member and PIO for my club, a member of ARES (amateur radio emergency services) and taking CERT classes.(community emergency response team) My town's fire chief offered me EMT training next fall. We have a volunteer department full of great people, so I'm very excited.

That's all I can think of for now!


286034 tn?1201100440
What an incredible thing getting to know all of you. You are all such amazing people with wonderful full lives! I was hoping I'd get a glimpse of life, not just before MS but with and through it as well and boy did I ever get it!

I feel truly honoured to know you all and to be able to call you all friends.

Thank you all for being so open and for sharing your lives with all of us.

199882 tn?1310188142
Hey there 3 words:

woooo  sooooie  pig!  Sorry I just had to do that!
Avatar f tn
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Bumping up for tomorrow...I missed this one.  Having an inapprop. crying guys are all so lovely....the joys of life.....a shoulder to lean on.....a good laugh.....I love this group!!!   Til tomorrow.
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Good Morning!

I'm new here and only have posted a few times. This is a great idea.

I am 47 have 2 grown kids a daughter 26 with a 2 1/2 year old with development delayed issues. But the most beautiful and happy boy I have ever seen. My son 22 married to the most loving girl. I can see why he married her. They have 2 children a almost 3 year old son and a 9 month old girl. Who the boy thinks is his baby. My son graduated high school at 16 and graduated college at 19 met his first girl friend (his wife) at 19 got married, got his drivers license and had his first baby before he turned 20. The rest is history. He is a stay at home dad, he told me he wants to make sure his kids are raised with the same love and care I gave. Isn't that great to hear.

I use to dance (I won a jitter bug contest the night before my son was born in the elevator of the hospital I could not feel the labor pains), run, walk my puppy dogs they are 17 years and 11 years old. I use to be very proud of my memory, photo graphic memory and listening memory. I love my husband of 2 years. I have a love story to tell.

I had been divorced 13 years and did not date during that time, my husband had been for 33 years and had 2 girl friends during that time. Six years ago a mutual friend invited us to dinner. We had never met each other since he use to live in Mass. and just moved to TX. I new something was up when I got to dinner. We sat down to eat, we sat across from each other, when we looked up after saying the blessing it hit both of us. I've heard of love at first site but didn't really believe it could happen. Well it does. We dated for 4 years and got married 2 years ago. It has been hard. Now with everything else going on I really feel for my husband.

We go to church, and spend as much time as we can with each other. My husband is going to be 60 in November, and is in great health. He works taking care of the retirement apartment complex and the head start buildings. I have been on disability for 7 years now. Not for MS but for something else. I love talking to my mom who is going to be 88 this month and my dad will be 94 in March. Both of them are doing very well. My dad still plays golf he can only play 6 holes now. I'd be happy to play one right now my son use to try to teach me. Every time I would swing I would close my eyes and miss the ball. My son would fall on the ground laughing. Then I would start laughing and there would go the bladder. And that would make us laugh even harder. My son has taught me a lot. What ever comes your way you learn to deal with it and laugh about the bo bo's. Go ahead and cry and get it out of your system.

I love to write, my daughter told me about 3 years ago that I should write children books. I should have listen to her, I've started losing the ability of writing.

I'm a picture taking fool.

Thanks for everyone who has posted here.
God bless and good day.
I've got to get the house in order for the grand babies.  I'm going to take care of them for 2 weeks while mom and dad move 15hrs away. Boo Hoo!!! My husband said when he retires in 2 years if we want we can move closer. My daughter in law if she had it her way we would be packing and moving with them right now.

Love to all
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Hi, my real name is Judy but I go by moeck as moeck is a well known maker of recorders, not the plastic ones your kids tortured your ears with when they were in grade school, but handmade wooden classical instruments.  I'm 51 now and have played since I was 17.  Last fall i had a dream come true and actually got a paid gig, but have been unable to play much since.  My new neuro said my right hand may never be up to concert playing again.  enough whining.
This sunday will be my 28'th wedding anniversary to the wonderful guy I met my first semester of college.  We have two children, my son is 25 and married, my daughter will be 22 next week and is engaged.  No grand children but I do have two grand puppies, my son's german shephards.  I used to ride a beautiful Morgan horse gelding in competive trail rides, endurance rides, trail horse classes at shows, carriage driving and dressage.  I have not been on a horse in six years due to my physical problems.  My dream is that someday I can get a pony and drive.  i have an eight year old lab/corgi cross who had been my agility partner.  But he is now retired due to a heart murmur.  We have two kittens named Captain and Morgan.  They have really helped to keep my spirits up as I have been home on disability since May. i am also very much into photography and raise orchids, something I share with my daughter-in-law.
I am an RN and my specialty was clinical reimbursment.  I worked as a case manger for the patients, fighting the insurance companies and medicare to pay for what was needed.  I had gone back to school and graduated with a BS in health care administration three weeks after I had my cervical fusion and stopped working.
we live in the mid-atlantic part of the USA right outside of Annapolis near the Naval Academy.  My husband is wonderfully supportive and just took a new job so he can be closer to home if I need him in an emergency.
I know I'm rambling but I have been up all night with back pains and it is finally catching up with me.
moeck, aka judy
297366 tn?1215816651
I just turned 48 this past September. I have been married to my DH for 22 years. We are unable to have children, but we love animals and currently have a mixed breed dog, Maggie, and an orange cat, Eli. I volunteered for quite awhile at our animal shelter, and that’s how Eli came into the house. He had been very sick and was scheduled to be put down. He was such a nice cat, that I couldn’t stand it and so I took him home. We have lived in the same house for 19 years. It’s the first house we ever bought and we love it. It’s small, but beautiful and just right for the two of us.

I have a degree in English Literature (can you tell I love to read?) and my husband is a CPA. He works for a large public financial institution and does research for their SEC filings. We used to debate the purpose of college while we were students. I said the purpose was to learn and to explore all kinds of subjects. He said the purpose was to get a good job when you graduated. Now, after all these years he admits that I was right!!

I spend many years as a Marketing Director for a manufacturing company that made engine components for Heavy trucks and Off-Road equipment. I’d go to trade shows and often be one of only five women there who wasn’t wearing a red leather bikini! It was fun, but after 11 years I got bored and moved to a boutique bond-trading company. I had to pass the Series 7 test needed to sell stocks before I could get paid. I studied so very hard. Can you believe that there was a stack of 7 books that was nearly two feet tall that I had to learn??? I passed by getting the exact score required. Whew!!!!! My boss had been pressuring me to pass the first time, but he was really surprised when I did. I had no financial background and am very poor at math. It remains a proud moment for me. After a year there I decided that the financial industry was not for me. I went to work for an advertising agency that I’d used years before. It was wonderful working with so many bright, creative people. I had really missed marketing and being an account executive was so fun. I got to work with clients in many high-tech companies and learned so much. However, it was easily the most stressful job that I ever had. At one time I was running 78 simultaneous projects—all with numerous deadlines at sometimes 15 minute intervals. Yikes…we were so busy I would not even have time for a bathroom break! After the dot-com crash we lost almost all our business. We had to do layoff after layoff. Each one was heartbreaking. Finally, it was my turn. Oh my, it was the best thing to happen to me. I loved staying home. Luckily, we were able to get by on my husband’s salary. So I used my time to take care of the house and garden, take up knitting again (love it!!!), take drawing classes and become a Master Gardener. I also volunteer at my church, the animal shelter, and spend a day with my Mom helping her around the house and taking her shopping, etc. We bought a little campsite up in the North Cascades and spend many weekends there in the summer. We have a little trailer with a nice covered porch and a huge deck with firepit. It looks out over a lake and two beautiful mountain peaks. We are 200 ft. above the lake, so that the birds fly right past our faces. It is truly the most peaceful place. I love to walk my dog, hike, draw, knit, read, do simple crosswords, and work in my garden. Our lives are pretty simple, but that’s proving to be better and better. I look forward to getting to know all of you better. I’ve only been visiting this forum for about a week. Still have so much to learn. Life is Good!!
305544 tn?1198001210
Hello, great idea!
I was shocked when I read your message, as it sounded as if I wrote it myself, except for the age part...
My real name is Terrie, I live in California.
I am 42.  I am a scorpio.  
When I was young I wanted to become an astronaut, then a lawyer.arguer!
I have a hard time with upper math classes, so I never finished college.
I have two boys, 23 & 18, and I adopted a girl, 15 & her brother, 12.  So really I have 3 sons, and 1 daughter.
I am married.
My favorite color is Green.
When I was little, I was very scared of the dark.
I love horses, and all animals.
I have 2 sisters.
I grew up in Napa.
I love the carribean!
I love to travel.
I am spiritual, is that a word? I find monks & nuns interesting & think they have amazing willpower, I don't think I could do it.
I normally (used to) have tremendous energy.
I have been told that I am a decorator from hell (scary), but meant well.
I love to paint and decorate, create spaces & I sometimes do this for others.
I have been self-employed for over 20 years, until lately with too much fatigue & issues with my symptoms.
I want to live on a small farm someday with horses, dogs, cats, and chickens.
I would love to buy an old victorian and paint, paint, paint.
I love to dance and would make one of those rooms into a place to dance and do yoga (why did I write yoga??? I can't seem to get into it, not enough patience)
I would love to have more patience!  lol
I drag my butt to the gym every other day even when I don't want to go.
I have taken care of many children in many different & sometimes similar situations when their parents were unable.
I have thought about running a place for children, where they could come to a safe home, with warm food, and stay as long as they needed to in a huge family atmosphere.
I have always had big dreams.
I have not been officially diagnosed with MS, but am having numerous ongoing tests.
I love this community!  You are all so wonderfully supportive & I have never been the type to post comments to strangers, yet I felt a bond immediately & will attempt to comfort & encourage us all to be strong and know that we are all loved.
I was wishing that there was a place where I could go and be able to talk about all of these sometimes scary issues, and now I have found it---in my own home.
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Hi all.  My name is Yvette.  

I am married with three children, ages 14, 12, and 5. My oldest son has asperger syndrome and adhd, my daughter has add innatentive, and my baby has adhd.  

We have two vizsla's.  They are hungarian pointers.  My husband trains them to hunt uppland game birds.  They are quite beautiful.  We also have two adopted cats and one Patagonian conure (impulse buy from 17 years ago).  Wow I didn't realize how long we have had that bird.  She is great but loud and scatters seed all over the kitchen floor.  I assume that she'll keep on going for at least another 17 years, if the greater parots can live 75 years.  That is assuming that being 50% of the size of a parot means she will live a 50% shorter life.

My home is usually chaos.  Especially since this past year now that I don't have as much energy and multitasking ability to keep up with everything.  So mostly the housework has suffered.  

I married my college sweetheart and we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversery this past May.

I don't have any family that live near us.  I joined the Navy just a year after I got married and moved across the US to the eastcoast.  I was in the Navy for five years.  I worked as the industrial hygiene officer ( Navy's occupational, safety and health; OSHA in the civilian world).  I left the Navy because I decided not to make a full carreer out of it and spare my husband having to quit his job and move to Iceland or Puerto Rico with two children under three.

I haven't regretted my decision to stop working and stay at home.  It allowed me to be my son's best advocate in the education system and ensure that his needs are met.

Our whole family are vidiots.  My neighbor told me that phrase.  We love computer games and console games.  I played Everquest for two years and World of Warcraft for two years.  I am currently not playing any online games right now.  We are too busy trying to watch all the recorded programs on our HD tivo.  We have only had one for 6 months but it is great.  Our favorite programs are Big Bang Theory (new), House MD, Private Practice, Gray's Anatomy, The Unit, Moonlight, and NCIS, Numbers.  To name a few.  lol.  I think I watch too much TV.

I just joined a karate school.  My sons signed up last July.  I made a deal with my daughter that if she started I would too.  My second lesson is tomorrow night.  I figured I'll either get stronger and symptoms will get better or they won't and i'll get a diagnosis. I decided that I can't just reduce my world to manageable levels that I need to push and grow and everyone knows that isn't easy.

I am undergoing my second neurological evaluation currently.  My last one was 9 years ago and all tests came back as normal.  Just depression and parathesias.  Now I have balance, increased parathesias in more areas of my body and periodic muscle weakness and tremor.  My follow up appointment with my Neuro is tomorrow after noon.  That is when I'll get the results of my MRI of the brain w/o contrast.  I wasn't going to argue with the doctor.  I had an NCS/EMG last week that came back normal.  I'll get some blood work results tomorrow as well.  I saw my GYN yesterday and told him about frequent urination and also feeling like I still need to go right after finishing and if I wait a minute i'll go some more (very little) and then feel done.  He wants me to see a urologist.  I need to make that appointment.

This forum is so supportive of everyone, confirmed dx or not. I think I'll just pull up a chair and get confortable here.  Pass the ice cream.  I'll take Death by Chocolate
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We need additions from everyone who feels a part of this forum - or would like to.  Tell us!  Get to know us and let us kknow you!

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Ok,,,where to begin, My name is Rena and I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  I am 45 years old and I am not married nor ever have been...HOWEVER, I have been in love with my common-law husband for going on 23 years now and our relationship has lasted longer than most of our friends marriages have.  We have had two babies, one was a Maltese Cross (Misty) and the other was a Sheltie Cross (Kassy) that we lost about a year ago and our hearts were broken,  Now we have a little monster by the name of Kayleigh (border collie cross).  She has got hubby wrapped around her little paw and she figures the same for me, however, someone has to run the house other than the dog!  ha ha
I was apparently a sweet little thing growing up but then puberty hit and look out...tuffy muffy took over...that was my Dad's nickname for me.  I liked to party and party I did...I did manage to get my highschool diploma between parties and 12 years of piano playing but then the beer cans got in the way of the piano books so I gave that up.  
When I met my hubby, the party didn't really end until we bought a house and realized that we now had to be upstanding members of the community and we became that and we still are.  
My father passed away 10 years ago and I miss him terribly, I was after all daddy's little girl.  I was adopted at birth but I always knew that, Mom tells me she used to rock me to sleep saying that I was her beautiful new adopted daughter, they felt it was important for me to know and I agree.  I have one older brother that is my parents natural child, he is 5 years older, is married, has three kids ages 10,12 and 16.  I found out I have a half sister when I found out I had MS...I wanted to see if it ran in the family so I did a search and found her.  Surprisingly, we don't get along very well, she is married, has 2 daughters and apparently doesn't approve of my man and I living together out of wedlock...I say to her, get out of the dark ages woman!  I am not going to get married just to suit her beliefs and she is not going to let her daughter's near me because I am, as she puts it, "living in sin!"  I have gotten over that and moved on...her loss I figure, after all I wasn't going to TELL her what we do in the bedroom!  ha ha
When I turned 38 I decided to go back to college...I have done many different jobs!  I started out as a secretary out of highschool, then worked as an assistant to a urologist, worked sorting mail for the post office, did sales of B.C. Cherries and our famous Taber Corn out of the back of the truck (where I made the most money and had the best tan I might add), then I went to college and took a course to become a Business Computer Specialist...don't know why really.  I then got a job at a Long Term Care facility running the food services department which had absolutely no call for a Business Computer Specialist but I got the job and did well at it.  Then just before I got sick in Oct. 2006 I got a job with a homecare company, scheduling workers to go into homes to assist with healthcare.  It was a high stress job but I loved it and the money was awesome...but I guess just cause you love it, doesn't mean they love you right???  I was asked for my resignation when I told them I needed time off as specified by the neurologist.  It's a long story and maybe I will tell it someday but I am really bitter about it still and will be for a while.
My Mom is living in a condo about 20 minutes away from us, on her own, doing well at 80 years old.  My hubby not only looks after me but her as well, groceries, rides etc. but she is pretty darn self sufficient.  I love her with all my heart and soul and I would have to say that other than my husband, she is my only true friend.
I have never made it easy for myself, if I don't like something I don't do it just to appease the crowd.  I never got into the tupperware parties, the candle parties, going to bingo, girls night out any of that stuff...I would just as soon stay home with my hubby, play a game of darts or pool, go fishing or go fishing or go fishing, did someone say they are going fishing?

I absolutely adore camping, fishing, hiking, exploring, wildlife watching, bird watching, just about anything to do with nature.  My parents made camping a large part of our family and I just fell into it hardcore starting with my dad.  He and I went everywhere together when we were camping!  My brother was a rock hound which is probably why he got his masters in geology and now his doctorate in physics.  He had his nose in the books, I needed to learn hands on.

Well that is me in a nutshell, have had a pretty good life so far and I just hope that this MS or whatever they decide it is doesn't impede on my ability to do what I love, CAMPING AND FISHING!

I am not sure what I am going to do as far as work goes...I don't feel that I am quite able to work and use my brain TO WORK right now.  Half the time the words won't come out of my mouth properly and as one other person here said, I am always half a step behind.  I guess only time will tell right?
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Wow. This is interesting. I have to say that Sherry's opening lines made me laugh.

I'm Emily, 39 years old, with three sons, ages 6, 5, and 17 months, one husband, an elderly dachsund, and a fish. I'm a biology professor with an undergraduate degree in English, and I teach, write, edit, and do research for a living. My sons have some special needs (one is on the autism spectrum, one is speech and motor delayed), so we spend a lot of time on appointments and arrangements for their well being. I volunteer at their schools, in addition to our OT, doctor, and speech appointments. My baby also has some urinary issues that we're monitoring and a Chiari I malformation that simply must be the etiology of his cerebellar issues.

My grandmother has MS and has had it since about 1950. She's been in a wheelchair since about 1965, but it simply has not stopped her. She taught her own school until retirement age, and currently, at age 90, attends church and volunteers at the hospital, among her other activities. Her dx was primary progressive MS. She had TN and actually dropped acid in the '70s in an effort to try that out as therapy (there was a brief vogue for that, I believe).

I love to read--I'm obsessed with it--and I read primarily nonfiction things that have to do with exploring, climbing mountains, overcoming adversity, etc. I also am obsessed with Victorian literature (e.g., Anthony Trollope) and will read these over and over again. We love to hike, be outside, travel, spend as much time with our sons as we can, and enjoy being able to see, hear, taste, smell, and touch and know that we're enjoying it. My husband is a GIS developer and undoubtedly the most wonderful adult I know. Our connection is so close it seems like we were separated at birth.

I am an Aries. I have no idea what that means, but there you have it.
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Somehow I missed your post. My oldest son has Asperger's (he's six) and my middle son has ADHD. My youngest has similar "issues."
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Wow, this is great.  Just found it.  I dont have much dad is in the hospital.  I am 50 yrs old and will be turning 51 january 31.  My mom and dad are still alive.  But...they divorced after 40 yrs of marriage.  I have always been a animal lover since a small child.  My dad farmed for 30 yrs and I loved growing up on a farm.. I was a tomboy and loved helping my dad and I was the oldest child.  I have 1 brother and 1 sister.  I was a cheerleader in high school.  I got married at 17 and had my first child at 18 years.  I have 2 wonderful sons.  I have 3 grandchildren so far.  I love them so much and are a big part of my life.  I have been married a number of times.  I just cant tell you - - - ok Im on my 4th husband of 9 years and He has been the best and most caring one.  I hope to stay with him all of my life.  I have always had dogs and cats.  I have 2 toy poodles that stick with  me from room to room and and stay in my lap.  I love them so much.  I lost my oldest poodle last year and it just broke my heart.  She was our little girl.  I have had my boys like I call them for 8 years.  They are just wonderful pets. loving and caring.  I have always been an active person.  I have worked in the health community as a CNA for 20 to 25 years.  From nursing homes to hospitals and the last clinic which I loved.  My youngest son is now 28 and he was in the airforce for almost 8 years but hurt his back the last time he was in Iraq and ended up with PTSD and got out last year in May.  He would have stayed in but got out because of his medical.  My oldest son is 32 and started his own company about 2 years ago and he is the hardest worker and the strongest person I know.  He leaves only 17 miles from me but... I cant catch him to see him he is so busy.  This is almost over! hehehe   I want to say my first husband left me for another woman.  I married another man that was stingy.  The next man was very abusive to me and I am just lucky to get out of that situation.  I am very happy to be with my husband now.  I have had a very good life so far and still plan on doing some traveling.  
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I am really enjoying reading your posts here.

I am a 40 year old female currently living in Northern Alberta, Canada; married for ten years to the coolest guy ever.  He is an engineer, but deep down is really a rock star.  We have no kids and no plans for any.  Any ounce of maternal instinct I may possess is showered on my two standard poodles.  No, they do not have funny haircuts, they look like little black bears.  I love them dearly.  I have lived all over the country and no one place is home, although I am especially fond of both coasts.

I hold degrees in Psychology and Social Work.  In my former career as a hospital social worker, and as a child welfare worker, I worked with clients who had MS.  That feels like a lifetime ago.  It is a bit surprising to me that I ended up working in the corporate world.  Now I work as a HR professional working in the energy sector.  One of my recent roles was to advise employees on their drug coverage and other benefits, disability leave, protected disability rights, job accommodation, etc.  Wow, I never dreamed I’d be in need of any of this information for myself.  It certainly has been helpful though, with the situation I now find myself in.

I love to travel.  In the past few years we have traveled through Italy, France, England and Ireland on different occasions.  I wish I could speak other languages beyond my high school French and university German.  I have seen just about all of my own country (except WAY up north).  I also enjoy the US and was very disappointed that I had to cancel a trip to Boston, Philly, and New England due to my most recent flare up (the one that got me dx’ed) occurred.  When I am feeling better, my first task after getting back to work will be to plan my next trip.  Not sure where yet….maybe Amsterdam or Provence.  I am curious to see how much of a hassle it will be to get my meds through airport security…...

My tendency is to be an introvert but my work often forces me to behave like an extrovert.  I don’t care for the limelight or recognition, and prefer to work quietly behind the scenes.   I am cynical by nature; a skeptic who takes very little at face value.  I make an effort to be optimistic.  I deeply value privacy, dignity, and loyalty.  I really dislike gossip, nosy-ness, and any form of fanaticism.  My politics are liberal.  I’m a Capricorn.  My ethnic roots are Irish, English, Scottish and French.

I like culture, both low and high brow.  I love to cook.  I love red wine and also recently developed a fondness for Guinness.  I enjoy most types of music except country.  I like to read history, memoirs, and the Sunday paper (in bed with coffee in hand).  My bad habits include but are not limited to:  watching too much reality TV, eating large amounts of chocolate at any time of day, buying too many magazines and being a packrat.  I’m not as organized as I would like to be.  I wish I was more creative.  Although I’m not easily offended, I can definitely hold a grudge.  I like satire and irony and find many things to be funny.  I like to laugh often.  

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Another old thread I'd like to revive in order to learn more about our new members!
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Remind me tomorrow night.  This looks fun, but I need a rest.  ;)
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Wow DV- a good one to dig out and dust off.  Ijust read the whole thing and learned so much more about the bunch of you who are still here.  when I get some more time - since I just used a good 30 minutes to read this - I'll post something about myself.  - Lulu
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DB has resurrected (no pun intended Pastor Dan) this older thread.  

Do you all think we should start a new one or just add to this one?  It was a great idea that Jl Jo started back in 2007 and is such an amazing way to get to know each other especially since we have so many new member as DB said.  

Thanks DB for bringing it back.

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I vote to continue this one.  This is such great reading and information on our friends.  I hate to lose it again.

Everyone, let's hear about the real YOU!

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I am a 45 years old. I understand how animals think. I have a house full off animals no one else would adopt. I am an artist, I paint animals in bright colors. I have degrees in Art, Heating Air Conditioning Ventilation and Refrigeration, and Plumbing. I have been happily married for 11 years. I had an adventurous childhood, my father was a Navy Chaplain and my mother was an Atheist Antiques Dealer. I am basically scared to death of people, but have learned to be outgoing.
                                                     Alex (Alexandra)
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Hi all,
What a wonderful post – I say we keep this lengthy one going because it has lots of familiar names in it and I would hate to lose their information.  I learned so much more about you today by reading this thread.

As for me, I’m thinking you already know quite a bit about me  but here’s a quick review-

I’m 54 years old, live in Ohio, have MS and had a heart attack, but otherwise am in pretty good health.  I’ve been married for 6.5 happy years and the balance of what it takes to get to 35 years total to the same man.  My parents will celebrate their 66th anniversary this year – who knows if I will make it that long or if I’ll give up on this one and look for a younger man.  

I am the next to youngest of 5 girls – my poor dad was always outnumbered but I never heard him complain about a lack of a son.  Instead, he taught us to do all the things boys learn like wiring, plumbing and other home repairs.  Plus we all took music lessons – piano was a must and other instruments were optional.  I played the oboe for 8+ years and once considered majoring in music, but didn’t.

The only man I would ever leave my husband for is Sting – and yes, my husband knows that too.  If Sting walked through my door and said come with me, I would be out of here in a heartbeat.  And I probably wouldn’t leave a goodbye note either.    

My children wouldn’t notice that I was gone for a while either because they are both grown and married, daughter is  28 the son is  33.  Our son has two daughters, and those granddaughters are great fun.  If I had to do it over I would skip the mom part and go straight to being grandma =- it is so much more fun.

My schooling got distracted for a few years by getting married my sophomore year in college at the age of 19, having children and being a domestic diva for a few years.  Actually I hate to houseclean, and have the dust bunnies  and dirty windows to prove it.  I force myself to throw big parties a couple times a year just so I must clean.  

But I do like to cook and bake, which I don’t count as chores.  Just today I made chocolate ganache filled cream cheese cutout cookies.  Last week it was almond shortbread raspberry thumbprint cookies.  Most of my treats are given away to friends and taken to the break room at work. The trouble is I start eating them and there goes my being healthy -  only real butter will work in my real cookies.  Friends say I should open a bakery or catering business, but that would take the joy out of it be making it a job.   Baking is really therapy for me when it is too cold to get outside and garden.

I have worked for a private university for 19 years and finished my B.A. in communication management 6 years ago, at the age of 48.  The first 10 years of working for them were spent  managing an off-site program, The Challenger Learning Center, a hands-on space science education program dedicateto the crew. Since that position I have been snugly nestled into the English department  where I am grateful to have wonderful coworkers and a large faculty to work with.  Working on a college campus is so not the real world ….. and I appreciate the work lifestyle that we have.  I do love working with young people.

I’ll probably never leave working there because I carry the health insurance for us and it is excellent.  With my husband’s open heart surgery at 51, his hip replacement 6 years ago and the documented need for another one, my heart attack and now this MS nonsense,  I doubt that I could even find some other place to insure us.  We’ve certainly gotten our money’s worth out of my monthly premiums.    

Reading is a passion that comes and goes with me – right now I’m spending too much time on line with all of you to pick up a good book.  I’ve got a stack waiting for me to take on vacation.  

My friends and family would tell you I am intensely loyal to a fault, work hard to maintain balance (I’m a Libra) in my life despite being somewhat OCD (it’s all or nothing with me, not much in between),  and I throw a great party and have a wicked sense of humor and quick tongue.  

Wow! This was going to be short and instead you got quite a bit here to wade through.  If you want to know more, you can always check out my journal entries.  I have no secrets.

Thanks for letting me share a bit about me.
As always,
Laura/ aka: Lulu

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My name is Julie (aka Sarahsmom) and I am a wife and mother of 3 wonderful grown children.  I have been married 27 years to my DH who even today is my rock.  We met through mutual friends in my first year of college.  He was getting his masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and I was working on a Social Work degree. We are not your typical couple.  Al is Muslim and I am Jewish. This was an issue for both our families for sure, but we were determined to show them and anyone else who cared that Muslims and Jews can get along and love each other no matter the political differences we may have - period!  There have been hurdles to cross, but we found a way to make it work.

We have an in interesting life so far, I think.  A pivotal moment occurred in our lives in 1993 when my husband received a layoff notice from his job at a local military base that was scheduled to be closed.  His company offered him a 3 month stint overseas on a small island in the Central Pacific.  It wasn't much, but it would at least keep us from having to go on unemployment for 3 months. Well, that 3 month stint turned into 9 years as we joined him shortly after he was offered permanently.  This move pretty much ended my Social Work career, but I never stopped using the skills I learned for this new environment.  

The experience of living on that very tiny 1.5 mile wide by 3 mile long island really helped me learn who I was.  I've always been a social activist and boy did this island present a lot of challenges and opportunities.  For the first time in my life I didn't have any transportation barriers.  I can't drive because I have low vision, so it was just fine with me that everyone had to ride a bike.   I had my first real job within a week of arriving.  It was only a termp position, but that was fine with me. I went on to become a teacher at a Catholic-run Jesuit high school on another island.  Going to that island meant stepping back, way back in time.  I had to take a boat then a makeshift school bus riding over a dirt road causeway built over the reef that connected the different islands. The school had no running water and electricity was mostly off much of the time, but we were still able to teach. Taking that job was the hardest thing I ever did in my life and if I could do that then I could do anything.  We went through a serious water drought, which almost caused the commander to send all the families back home to the states, but somehow we got through that.  I helped with trying to save a bottle nosed dolphin when it beached itself on our island. The poor thing died eventually, but we learned so much from the locals.  Later I volunteered to be  education chair for our woman's club.  We sold handicraft at a small shop in our small airport terminal and my job was to distribute the  proceeds to various islands who were in need.  Me and my family also had the opportunity to travel around the world as we had 4-5 week vacations every year.  The most important trip for me, however, was going to my husbands country and meeting his family, especially his wonderful mother, for the first time. What an amazing and wonderful opportunity that was.  That period of my life has been over for awhile now, and if I never get the chance to have that kind of life experiencel again, then I can still rest assured that I have done more during that 8 years than most people do in a life time and I have no regrets.  I still have exciting things happening in my life, but not quite as many. But I am happy, fairly healthy, and am so proud of my husband for helping with the rebuilding efforts in a war-torn country, as well as my 3 kids who are settled nicely in adulthood.  What more can I ask for. So, this is who I am....At least for now.

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I am a 30 year old mother of 3 preschool children, married to my high school sweetheart.  He is the most amazing person I've ever known and puts up with his fair share of mood swings from this Gemini.  Born and raised in upstate by with my 2 older brothers.  My dad still affectionately refers to me as allidar (apparently I was named after a race horse in the 70's). Both my hubbies and my family live within minutes of our home. I'm a speech pathologist and have the pleasure of working in the preschool my children attend everyday.  I love my job, even though the little people sized chairs have been wreaking havoc lately.  
Until recent events you could find me and my hubby taking tango lessons or karate, but if I were to pin down my true interests it would be piano, (made difficult with numbness), broadway musicals, exploring the unending and abundant world of chocolate (no not giving it up for lent).  Chocolate and a good glass of Pinot grigio sitting at the kitchen table with my husband, whispering as the kids are almost asleep in their beds.  That is the perfect night.  The perfect day usually involves baking with the kids, as the sneak licks and beg to wash the dishes and look like they have taken a bath when they are done.
I'm learning that the little things can carry you through when you find it hard to take another step.
Long story short,I'm moody and demanding at times, but blessed to have a family that loves me anyway.
I'm pretty complex and moody especially lately but feeling blessed to have such wonderful family, and looking forward to growing together with each new challenge.
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Ok it is 10:40 pm.  I have been reading all the entries since around 10, amongst all the other things that are part of a nightly routine...including checking in on the forum before I go to bed.  I am to tired tonight to respond myself but have so enjoyed getting to know everyone.  There are so many amazing and talented ppl here.  Tomorrow I will try to add my story to yours.

Thanks for sharing yourself with us

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Who am I?  That is a question I war with a lot anymore.  I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, pet parent and patient, and that seems to be pretty much it.   I used to be so much more.

I was intelligent, quick witted, loved a good debate, learning new things, figuring out the answers to the universe.  I was the strong one of my family, the glue that held us all together.  I was the one everyone turned to.  I was the first in my family to graduate from college...majored in social work.

I raised two boys as a single mother from an abusive marriage at the same time I went to college and worked.   I  was tenacious.  I had to succeed at whatever I did...a true Type A personality.

I drove 75 miles one way, attended class, drove back, picked up my kids, fed them, did the homework, gave them a bath then dropped them at my mom's while I went back for a night class.  After I picked them back up I would tuck them in with a story and prayers or I sat by their bed and sang them to sleep. One day I was singing Amazing Grace to my first born and my nephew, who was 5 years old at the time.  The baby feel asleep but my nephew was just about there.  He looked at me with sleepy eyes and said, "Sissy can you sing that Amazing Graves song again? :) The best time of the day and still when they are all home and asleep.  I know they are safe for another day and I feel happy and blessed.

I drove 55 miles one way to work.  I worked as the associate director of an Mental Retardation/Developmental Delay Program at a community care center.  I oversaw a medicaid program, Supports for Community Living, and a State General Funds block grant program.  Also a Supported Living program.  I answered only to the Director and Executive Director.  I also worked at the same time as the Associate Director of Operations at a 80 bed personal care home for the Chronically Mentally ill. I had ten 10 staffed residents, a 17 unit apartment building, 200 clients and 362 staff I was responsible for.  I worked at the local and the state level with everyone involved with MRDD and CIS. My job was stressful and sometimes unmanageable but I loved every minute of it.

After I quit working I brought the Type A personality home to live with me.  I raised a vegetable garden and preserved the food....corn, beans, broccoli, strawberries and on and on.  I made my own pizza,spaghetti, picante sauce with fresh herbs, tomatoes, onions, etc all from my garden.  We did not eat "store bought" potatoes.  I grew my own.  All of this was a joy.  I even loved cleaning the house.

I planted and tended (I honestly could not figure out how to begin spelling that word) my flowers and yard.  Summer was so wonderful.

Last summer everything changed.  It had been changing for a while.  I just would not admit it.  Finally I had to see a doctor.  Nothing has been the same since.

My days are filled with confusion, frustration and pain.  I no longer know who I am.  It seems I am fighting to keep my illnesses form defining me.  My planner is no longer filled with assignment due dates, or meetings, or training dates.  Not even dates I planted my vegetables or flowers.  It is filled with doctors appointments and testing dates.  Without it I would forget where I had to be.

I try not to feel sorry for myself and most days I am successful because I know in many ways I am blessed.  It at least appears that whatever is wrong with me is not fatal at least in a physical sense.  I don't have a brain tumor or an I am blessed and I am not being facetious.  I truly know this.

What I do have is a disease that causes me to fall and stumble like I am drunk.  It resides in my brain and it must be taking up a lot of space because there is no room for thoughts and calculations of the higher type.  It is a chore to remember to let the dog in or to spell or write or use the right word or speak a full sentence.  Heck, I used to write policy and procedure, training manuals, reports to the state, manage millions of dollars in budgets and services.  Now remembering to pay the bills is a problem.

I think I focus to much on what I used to be because I haven't yet figured out who this new me is.  I am not sure a dx of other than demylenating disease or white brain matter disease would help because no matter what you call it the end result is the same.

This week has overwhelmed me.  Next week will be better.  I will remember that b**ching and whining will not change what has occurred or who I am at this point in my life.  I will then choose to smile and to deal with whatever life throws my way but this week is not next week yet.


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I am nobody! who are you? are you nobody too?

i am a mother of 4 wonderful girls and i have an absolutely fantastic fiance.  I am a virgo to a tee. I am an artist and a writer and have the best job in the world (at least i think so) I care for people in a long term care setting. I can make them happy and in doing so that makes me happy.

I am analytical, caring, and believe there is always another way.
I am most always positive, I believe that anything is possible and that just because someone has not seen, heard, or experienced something that it does not mean that those things do not exist.

"You cannot step into the same river twice"

I love philosophy. music of all kinds. and am content just to live within my needs.

I am always learning. and believe there is always a lesson to be learned from the things we go through in life wether they be good or bad. there is always something positive to be gained, if you can see past the dark clouds.

i am me

398059 tn?1447949233
Well, I am a fast food burger with bacon.
611606 tn?1315521367
How did I miss this one??
All of you are so wonderful, I am blessed to get to know each of you. We are a very diverse group with a lot in common.
Me Lets see, I am 63 years young at heart, a Mother to six  and Grandmother to 16. I have three sisters and two brothers, my Mom is 84, she'll be 85 in Sep. (Most days I feel older than her), too many Nieces & nephews to count.
I decided 24 years ago that No INITIAL would ever define me or who I was as a person. This was due to AA not MS.
I am a Mother,GrandMother ( Nana), artist, poet, crafter, .I discovered art when I went back to college at the age of 44. I never sold any of my art, they decorate the closets of family and friends. Some do hang on a few of their walls...
I once had a nice career in Property Management and also was a Drug Counselor.
My life is rich and full beyound my wildest Dreams. I love being a Grandmother, each family of kids named me, so I am known as "Grammy", "Nana", "Gram DJ", "Grandma"
and "Grandmommy". You'd think I'd get it all mixed up, but somehow  am able to keep it straight.
Next, I hope to start a Red Hat's Club in my apartment building. I am hoping to get the women involved making preemie hats, blankets etc.. to donate to our local hospitals and also for our service men and women who are staying at the Fisher Houses across our country. I have been given so much and I have a Need to give some thing back, even in this small way.
JL JO Thanks so much for this forum Post, It was a good way to remind us that we are so much more than initials. I am sorry I didn't find this sooner, but all things happen in their time...
Have a Beautiful Healing Spring all of you...{{{{~!~}}}}
382218 tn?1341185087
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Thanks, dv, it was really nice to read all these again!!
1080243 tn?1262978963
What a great way to get an insight into everyones every day lives well thought JI JO!

I am coming up to 55 yrs and married to someone that I met on a blind date 25yrs ago.
My daughter on the picture and my previous dog that passed away 2yrs ago.
Have another dog now a boxer 2yrs and rescued 2 cats.
My twin sister is parelised and confined to wheelchair but is a real fighter and was voted woman of the yr for al her charity stunts.

We moved into the country 8yrs ago into a 200yr old house in beautiful surroundings we grow veg make jam, knit, sew all the old fashioned crafts.
I bought a range cooker that keeps the house warm and cook upon it this is where my world started to go very wrong.

My husband is an Archectecual Designer and works from home he started to get sick and couldnt walk his blood livers were high and being a non drinker we couldnt work it out.
To cut the story short I started to get really sick jaundace raised liver count, lost half of my body weight. I was rushed into hospital near death BP 180/100 I suffer from low BP the docs couldnt understand what was happening.

People were passing out in my house and taking ill.
The new cooker was leaking Kerosene vapours/combustion fumes we couldnt find out why we are sick. This had gone on for 5yrs. My husband had asked the docs you dont think its the cooker ever since we have had cooker we have been ill? No they said.

Three yrs on I have continuing neuro symtoms (symptoms) classic MS the docs have all witnessed flairs and speech problems. Left side numbness, balance, thought I had a brain tumour.
Have abnormal Neuro tests but only three leisions on scan just had another this week so may get answer.

My husband has sugar readings so high he shuld be in coma our GP said to expect premiture death in near future. He has high arsnic and lead through products of combustion.

My dog blead to death through his spleen he slept next to cooker you see.
I feel lucky to be alive but wish I didnt have MS I have lost so much of my former self but like my twin I am a fighter. The docs have not been helpful because they are too scared to get involver with leagal implications.

we go private for many things and all these docs tells you have some serious health issues but because of the poisening no one will stick their neck out for us.

Many other people I have met that have also experianced a exposure seem to share two deseases that being MS and Raynauds.

I am worried that if i dont get diagnoised I wont be able to stop the desease progressing I have come through this poisening and dont want to end up in a wheelchair.
My Neuro wrote on my report this week ?PPMS and I noticed more white leisions on the scan but I will await the radiologist detailed report.

I have gone on too long I feel , but let me say this forum has been so great and I want to thank each and every one of you for keeping me strong and not being alone.

A massive Thankyou to you all  from tarter
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Wow this is wonderful

My real name is Kirsteen, I am 54 years old, and married to the most wonderful man

I was born in Tennessee, but raised in Aberdeen Scotland, came back to the states 23 years ago, i have a lovely Scottish accent which i never want to lose lol

I was an Irish  Dance Instructor for 33 years and an International Dance Instructor and Choreographer for 28 years, retired 3 years ago as i was feeling too darned old hee hee
My nickname for 33 years was Twinkle toes which used to make me cringe lol that was one of students who started it and it kinda stuck

I now work full time retail i love my job very much,

We have 5 horses which i used to love to ride but due to this miserable disease, i had to give up
we have 16 chickens, 3 dogs 2 cats, an African spike tortoise and a rabbit called duke,
a parrot and a love bird,

I don't have any children as i had cancer when i was younger so had a hysterectomy when i was 23, but i got over the bitterness and now love to spoil all my nephews and nieces

I think everyone on this site is just wonderful, and it is great to get to know  little about everyone
love and hugs


Ps: the name Tyler came from my nephew, lord knows how he came up with that lol

147426 tn?1317269232
Now, everybody else!!  What a treat to read these again!!

Join in!

984138 tn?1359816673
My names is Erin and the Zoe part of my screenname is actaully my confirmation name. I'm 23 years old and live on my own in my late grandmas house. I have an older sister who is my role model and best friend

I have a boyfriend of 3 yrs old who at first had a very hard time supporting me an understandind MS and had him move out but is being wonderful about it now.

My mom is my rock and i don't know what i would do without her!

I had a hard childhood and been and seen alot in my life but have dealt with and came over it triumphitly

I just started having a relationship with my dad when i was 20 and now we get along i can say I love my dad for sure  I'm now a daddys girl and never would of pictured that one in my life!

I want to be a Zoologist and study wild animals in there natural enviroment  Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about animals! I plan to save them all and trust me i am going to!

I'm the kind of person that wants to see and do everything and amalways up for anything! I love to talk looovveee to debate ( everyone says i should go into buisness because i know all the loop holes and know how to work it and work people) lol but i'm more into animals and will use that skill to help them!  

I lovve to learn everything and anything i can  can hold a conversation about any topic. And i always see both sides of things and rarionalize wich some people cant stand that about me mainly the bf lol

o and i;m a gemini and live straight up to it! lol I'm crazy fun always have ideas running through my head  starting like 10 things at the same time but never fully finishing them all! Loves to talk about the weirdest things    am the life of the party and love planning things with be groups of people. Can be a true friend to you and wil lalways be there.  

my flaw is i'm very blunt i jsut dont see the point of not telling the truth about anything wich can be harsh but also extremely nice.

I like to do kind things for people  and always want to do things that i know will make someone have a better day and smile a bit more!

Last year on my checklist was go to california  cave dive water ski water tube. This year is learn to snowboard  white water river raft sky dive and go back to cali to camp for a week . I try to make a point to do what i really want to do and atleast do 4 or 5 things a year and live my life to the fullest. My motto is you only live once so why not do what you want and be the person you want to be!  
987762 tn?1331031553
Who am I? good question and when you work it out will you let me know, cause i'm still trying to find that out :-0 :-)

What I do know: I'm a camelian and some tell me a comedian, life never worked out how i planned and i'm the planning type but i learnt to roll with the punches and I always have a plan B,C,D,E.....Y and Z.

Hmmm maybe i'm a figment of my imagination, anything is possible if you believe in Murphy's Law, which is something to remember if you dont like lifes little surprises.

I dont want to list kids, husband, family etc, dont kick me but i dont think that information really tells you who I am, none of it defines me. Sorry but i've had a life time of being defined by my family's very long list of disabilities and issues, to me all that stuff, is what it is and there is nothing i would want to change or maybe i should say there is too much i'd change if i had the power to take away what mine suffer with but i'd keep them just the way the are and unfortunately you cant have the good with out the bad and get the wonderous people that i'm fortunate to call mine.

I learn something new everyday, and i will keep evolving until the day i finally fall of my purch, is there any other way to be. This year so far i have learnt, that with heat comes pain, constant never ending pain, bugger!! I also learnt that gritt and determination will still not get your legs to find the strength needed to get you up on a wakeboard and the payback isn't worth the tick of satisfaction i'd get for crossing it off my list of things i still want to be able to do, so cay sera sera (sp?).

I'm as bold as brass but as soft as marshmellow, turn up on my door step and i'll feed you and cloth you and give you a bed to sleep in until you get back up on your feet but dont expect me to ever ask for you to return the favour cause i dont know how to not get back up, and anyway i'm too stubborn to let you know i'm down and in need.

I love, I care, I think, I feel, I laugh, I know pain and I bleed and thank god for that because it means i'm still here, everything else is just nutts and bolts that holds me together. I dont cry very much i much prefer to laugh, those that know me well still forget i use laughter to hide behind my fears. I always say its impossible to feel bad when your laughter feeds your brain a healthy dose of happyness.

I'm a calm person, there isn't much that gets me in a tiss but go after one of my kids and you'll feel whats underneath this five foot, 47kilo, pearl wearing mumma bear lol. If i love you, i'll accept you in any way shape or form you come in, to me you'll always be just the way you were always meant to be.

So who am I, as i said i'm still trying to work that one out!

382218 tn?1341185087
I like this thread and am resurrecting it for the newer members who would like to chime in and tell us about themselves.
382218 tn?1341185087
Came across this old thread again.  Didn't get any takers last time it was bumped up. Would really love to learn more about our newer members - new since 2010 that is!
Avatar f tn
Ooo! Great idea! I'll give it a shot -- at least until my hands give out!

I'm a 36 year-old mom of three, a girl and two boys -- ages 4 1/2, 8, and 10 1/2 respectively. My eldest son has high-functioning autism and my daughter is adopted from Ethiopia. Oh and I have a husband too! He's great -- very supportive, comes to all my appointments. :)

We live in the Pacific Northwest and have 2 cats, 2 chickens, and two gerbils. Before I turned into a lump version of my former self, we were very active outdoors, doing day hikes, exploring all the national parks and beaches around here. Love to be outside!

I studied biology in college, but somehow ended up in the criminal justice field, interning with the juvenile court and eventually helping with the discipline program at one of the local middle schools. I quit to be a stay-at-home mom and after 5 years of public school decided to start homeschooling the kids. (Mostly due to issues with my son with autism, not because I have anything against most public schools!)

Let's see...what else? I'm an animal lover, love to read, and like to dabble with sketching and (non-fiction) writing. I hate cooking and shopping and do both only out of necessity. :)

I've never been very sporty, mostly due to chronic knee injuries skiiing in my teen years. I do like to be active and have found it really hard to adjust to the fatigue and weakness of this maybe-MS thing. The pain is no fun, but the inability to do the things I used to with my family really drives me nuts.

In person I'm very quiet and reserved, very sensitive. I'm active in my church, enjoy coffee and helping people.

Can't really think of anything else.... :)

Oh, Sierra isn't my real name, but a nickname my mom used to call me. My real name is Sarah, but there's already one of those on here! :)
Avatar f tn
Wow, this is such a great thread. It reminds me so much of why I joined this forum, which was at right about the time the thread started. I don't know why I didn't contribute then.

I'm kinda old, so my part would be long :-)  At some point I should try and write my own saga.

People here are so bright and so interesting.

Avatar f tn
just remember everyone, posts can be googled, be careful how much info you can be "assembled" by hackers.....and come back to figuring out who you are....we are all cautioned not to include too much personal information on a post...........anyone anywhere can access them
just saying
Avatar f tn
Oops. You're right. Didn't even think about that. I'm used to more "locked" online environments. Do you think I should delete?
Avatar f tn
No, don't delete.

Identity theft is real, no doubt about it, but on this forum we don't want to undershare either. We help each other by revealing a bit, not much, of our personal stories. I haven't read anything that would lead to info about Social Security numbers, addresses, names, or any other factors that could become fodder for criminals.

We want to be safe, yes, but we don't want to be paranoid.

572651 tn?1333939396
Oh my - I'm  suffering from some bits of nostalgia here.  I just reread all of these and find I miss some of you terribly.  Where are you Rena, Moki and Doni?  Especially Quix - come back, please!!  There are a lot of names I don't know - people who were here before I started this journey, but I still loved reading each and every one of the stories.  I hope those of you who are new will add to this thread and keep the true spirit of this wonderful place alive and thriving.  hugs to all, Laura

PS I was reading along and thought this was really old and then suddenly I found my own entry - it surprised me!!!
281565 tn?1295986283
Hey Lu,

I'm still kicking around and keeping up on you guys as much as possible. With no diagnosis and no hope of one in the near future, I just haven't felt like I have much to contribute.  

I so loved reading this old post again. Wow, it's been a long time and I remember why I joined here in the first place. We're a family and this is a great way to get to know your family just a little bit better.

Hugs back at ya

5112396 tn?1378021583
I'm going to split the difference.

I'm going to put honest info on here, but retire my actual face from my profile (still visible to friends). I'm also going to be a bit coy about the use of my real name. After lurking on here for over two years, I know the names and people I'd trust, but as was mentioned, anyone has access to the forums, so I think I'll save all that for the private messages.

I'm 32 and have lived in Ireland the last seven years after four years in Germany. I've not visited the US since I left in 2002 and my husband is Irish (and I'll be starting naturalisation proceedings in August), so I consider Ireland very much my home and will respond to things with an Irish perspective. See? I even wrote naturalisation with an 's' without even thinking about it. They may as well hand that passport over now!

Happily child-free and currently on the hunt for my next big challenge. As for hobbies, Camp Nanowrimo starts on Monday, and I love going to the theatre (as in plays). Also, we've an Arduino coming in next week, but what we plan to do with it is quite nerdy, so I won't bore you with that. My husband and I met online (OK Cupid represent!) so I'm pretty darn comfortable engaging in this format.

MS for me came out of the blue, 6 weeks from first hint to iron-clad diagnosis (= one multi-focal objectively observable episode followed five weeks later by a separate objectively observable episode added to positive LP, VEPS, MRIs, and seriously even an emergency room CAT scan "consistent with demyelination, query MS"). It was a disorienting time!

I'm currently on a drug trial for daclizumab (double-blind, so I could be on it OR Avonex) and have been relapse-free for two years. Huzzah!

I've been lurking on here since December 2010, so I do recall and value the latter days of Quix's regular presence. Also, I truly miss COBOB who really always enlightened us with MRI facts and a great critical approach to information. But there are still a few of the doyens out there and for that I'm very grateful!
739070 tn?1338607002
Hi Moki,
Glad you're still lurking! Miss your posts. I hope you are doing well!


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