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hair dye during pregnancy
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hair dye during pregnancy

I am now 26 weeks along and I asked my doctor if it was ok to dye my hair. He said that there is no proof hair dye can hurt the baby but he said why don't you wait until its born. He said you look beautiful with your little gray....UGH! I need to go to a wedding and I really don't like hats......I thought i could use one of those wash in hair dyes with no amonia (ammonia), you only leave it on 5 minutes....any suggestions
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I worry about the same thing.  I tend to be a bit paranoid though, so probably not the best person to take advice on something like this from.  What I am doing is instead of all over colour, I have my hairdresser to it like highlights, with foils. That way the colour is not right up against my scalp.  It takes a bit longer, and is a tad bit pricier, but for me worth the peace of mind.

I have also met women here who use Henna colouring.  It's natural, so better for you.

Good luck on what ever you decide.
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I did the same - got highlights w/the foils. It turned out much nicer than just actually doing an all over color although it was a little more time consuming and a little more expensive but oh so worth it.  My hairdresser said though doing an all-over hair color is very safe.

I can't believe your doctor said that (about the gray hair).  Does he have a wife?  I just wondered.....I really wouldn't worry about it but that's me - you got to do what's more comfortable w/you.

If you don't want to go to a hairdresser, you could do the highlights yourself if that's the route you want to go.
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I can't remember what its called, but there is a natural hair dye that is supposedly safe during pregnancy. It is a British product that I bought in the organic food section of my grocery store (Loblaws). It isn't quite the same as henna which did not cover my grey. I have been grey since I was 19, so I know how you feel.
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I've had my hair highlighted three times since I've been pregnant. My MD said it's fine. I would do it, and don't worry about it.
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I am a hairdresser and I use only semi-permanent haircolor on my pregnant clients.I recommend Redken shade EQ.It is only available in a salon. Or you can go to Sally's Beauty Supply and buy a semi-permanent color called Clairol Radience Colorgloss. I always buy 2 bottles when coloring all of the hair.Choose the shade of color you prefer and buy the developer that goes with this brand(very important!) This color and developer is a diluted strength 2% peroxide compared to 20% peroxide in normal haircolor.It is very safe to use.  mix color with peroxide in equal amounts.Ex=4 oz color with 4oz developer.Just apply on dry hair at the root area then comb through with a large tooth comb adding more color as needed.Cover with a plastic cap and let process for 15 minutes.Remove cap and process an additional 5 minutes.Don't worry the color always looks darker than what it will be. Rinse well and I always lightly shampoo and condition.Use a mild shampoo.The secret is using the cap.The natural body heat helps the color to cover the gray!!
If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.
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My dr says its perfectly safe after the first trimester... she says really even in the first trimester, but just to be safe wait till after 13 weeks..i dyed my hair once so far (i'm 22 weeks) and its starting to get some serious grey roots again! I did normal dye last time, but i think i might dye my hair one more time before she gets here, but i think i'll go to an aveda salon and try them.. they have lower ammonia and natural stuff.. I have friends though who dyed their hair every 5 weeks throughout pregnancy!!!! and everything seems fine with their babies, but i agree , it makes me SOOO nervous!!
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I'm w/adgal* and highlighening/foils.  But,...I haven't had my hair done since May/09.  My hair feels silkier and tends to fall out more, now.  I don't know if it's the meds or the tww, or both???  I don't have gray showable gray hairs.  I just like th highlights.  :)  Perhaps it's better to wait until you'r in your 2nd trimester.  It's the fumes you shouldn't inhale.  I don't like anything touching my scalp.  If I get my hair highlighted, I will have it professionally done and it will be foils in August, sometime.  It's better to be safe than sorry, right?!  Bleach, peroxide=chemicals.  I don't want them anywhere near my baby(s).  O:-)

selaiwa:  It's nice to know there's a hairdresser on here.  My DH did my hair a couple of times via Sallys*  He did the cap about 3-4 times and he did the foils once.  He's the best!  One time, w/the cap, I chose the wrong dye and my hair came out orange.  :(  I had to go get it professionaly fixed.  That's what I got for trying to save money.  I pay anywhere from $70-$100 for highlights and that's w/a tip.  

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