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Possible gonnorhea(Gonorrhea) exposure
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Possible gonnorhea(Gonorrhea) exposure

Hello doctors,

Yesterday I performed brief oral on, and had sex with, a prostitute. While the sex was protected, the brief oral was not. While getting dressed, I noticed there was a prescription for amixicillin on her desk. When I googled what it was for, gonnorhea (Gonorrhea) came up as one possibility. Paranoia ensued. While she was careful to insist on a condom and didn't even want my tongue anywhere near her vaginal opening (again, the oral was brief and limited to her clitoris), I haven't been able to get this out of my mind. How much am I at risk here and how much of this is just plain worry?

Thanks in advance!
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Welcome back to the Forum. I'll be pleased to provide some perspective.  The risk of this exposure was VERY low.  Here are some thoughts, starting generally an then getting more specific.

1.  Most commercial sex workers do not have STDs.   That she insists on condoms makes her likelihood of infection, if anything, lower than average.
2.  If she had an ST, any STD, most exposures o not lea to transmission of infection.
3.  Among sexual activities, cunnilingus is the lowest risk for acquisition of infection and your non-penetrative oral activities make it most unlikely that you would have acquired infection.  In fact, we rarely recommend testing for STDs in person's such as you whose only exposure is cunnilingus.
4.  Amoxicillin has not been used to treat STDs for more than 10 years.  She was likely taking it for something else.  That said, if she ha gonorrhea, the antibiotic would make her less likely to transmit it.

Bottom line, this was a VERY low risk exposure.  If you are concerned you could seek throat culture for gonorrhea but personally I doubt that it is medically necessary and if you were my patient would point out that I was doing tests at your request for your peace of mind, not out of concern that you might be infected.

I hope this is helpful.  EWH
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