Have you heard about the thyroid med TIROSINT (Levothyroxine Sodium) capsules -- No DYE or FILLERS ? Dr. Lupo mentioned this med during his chat last night (link inside) ..
by ChitChatNineBlank, Jul 29, 2010

Tironsint Levothyroixine Sodium Capsules- no dye or fillers

Anybody using this med?  When did it come out - ?  

Dr Lupo's Health Chat 7/28/10:
Yes I've heard of it
No, I haven't heard of it
Yes I use it
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by laura1967Blank, Jul 29, 2010
This would be a good question to ask Dr Lupo....find out when it came out and who is making it.  :)
In the mean time.....I shall google it! LOL
by laura1967Blank, Jul 29, 2010 goes!

Akrimax Pharmaceuticals.....FDA approved in 2006. Shelf life of 18 mos. (Longer and more stable than the pills)

Tirosint is a gelcap. Potentcy isn't affected like the other T4 meds that have to be heated etc.

Comes in 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150    (13mcg dosage on way)   Dosages are all color coded. Comes in blister packs also with days of week on it I believe. :)

Inacive ingredients:  gelatin, glycerine, water       That's it folks!!

FREE OF:  dyes, gluten, alcohol, lactose, sugar!!!!

Next project is to try to find out cost difference.   I am going to ask my Dr if I can try this!
by laura1967Blank, Jul 29, 2010
Walmart just quoted me $22.68 for a 28 pack! Very good pricing!
by LazyMoose, Jul 29, 2010
Since 2006, and never mentioned here or by any doc that I know.!  How?

Would have been one last thing to try before I went the dessicated rout! Oh well.........
by Cindy, Jul 29, 2010

Tirosint was approved by the FDA in February 2007.  According the drug manufacturer:
the reason Tirosint is different from other thyroid drugs is Tirosint is the first levothyroxine treatment in a liquid gel cap form.  The gel caps are free of dyes, gluten, alcohol, lactose, and sugar.  Tirosint is unique and has no generic.  Unlike levothyroxine sodium tablets, Tirosint cannot be cut or crushed.

Tirosint is manufactured by:  Akrimax Pharmaceuticals, LLC in Cranford, NJ

by Cindy, Jul 30, 2010

I spoke with Akrimax this morning - makers of Tirosint.  They said that the drug was approved by the FDA in February 2007, but did not get to "market" until May of 2010.


by ChitChatNineBlank, Jul 30, 2010

WOW -- thanks for the info. No wonder why we haven't heard about this new medication.  Thanks All for the info to take to our doctors -- especially if your current med is causing issues there's a new alternative that is dye & filler free out there and reasonably priced!!!!

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