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How to reduce anti-thyroglobin?
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How to reduce anti-thyroglobin?

May I know how does one reduce anti-thyroglobin? I am diagnose with Hyperthyrodism and was prescribed Propylthiouracil 50MG, 2 tablets 2 time per day. As we have been trying for baby for years unsuccessfully, I went to see a gynae and was told that my anti-thyroglobin is extremely high which is the reason why we have been unsuccessful trying to get pregnant. So i went back to my Endocrine doctor (for thyrold) and he suggest to increase the dosage to 2 tablets in morning and 2 and half at night.

Last lab results:
Thyroxine, Free 15.0 pmol/L 10.0 - 23.0
TSH 0.02 3000 > IU/ml 0 - 40
Anti-TPO Ab >1000 > IU/ml 0 - 50

May I know if anti-thyroglobin really affects my chances of getting pregnant? Will taking high intake of seafood really affects my thyroid condition? Appreciate any advise on this.
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Your labs look a bit odd.

There is no antithyroglobulin test listed there. TGab antibodies cannot be managed or controlled in any way. They rise or fall as they wish, and the only way to lower them with therapy is to suppress your immune system. Suppressing your immune system is not a good thing to do, so there is no practical treatment for those antibodies.

Your anti-TPO, or TPOab is Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies. Your test result is high. It indicates an autoimmune thyroid condition.

Your thyroxine, free is a Free T4 test. It is not bad. A little low, but adequite.

Your TSH shows you as being hyperthyroid, which does not agree with the Free T4 test.

It's too bad they didn't run a Free T3 test. Then you would know if your Free T3 is high and you are hyperthyroid, or if your TSH is being suppressed and you are hypothyroid.

You need more testing done.
Antibodies should not affect your ability to get pregnant. Being Hyperthyroid will.

My guess is, considering you are on an anti-thyroid drug, you ARE hyperthyroid, but your Free T4 should be much higher if that is the case. Something is off.

You should be avoiding iodine as much as you can without starving yourself to death. No seafood or other high iodine foods. It is important to do that when you are hyper.

You may be able to lower your TPOab count a little by taking a selenium supplement. You may be getting that in a vitamin now. Do NOT take more than 200mcg per day. It may help reduce the TPOab count, or it may not.
Really appreciate your analysis. Thanks!
Oops.. sorry i've left out on the antithyroglobulin.
Thyroxine, Free        15.0       pmol/L   10.0 - 23.0
TSH                         0.02       1000    > IU/ml  0 - 50
Anti-thyroglobulin      >3000    > IU/ml  0-40

For anti-TPO and anti-thyroglobin, the lab test are extremely high and this is worrying me but my doctor told me that it is okay. Is this true? meanwhile I will try to have a low-iodine diet and i hope that my next lab results will turn out better.
There is debate over whether extremely high antibody counts do more damage than moderately high counts.

TPOab attacks the thyroid tissue directly, killing thyroid cells. A count of 800 or 1,200 is not unusual, but it is harmful to the gland.

TGab (antithyroglobulin antibodies) attacks the thyroglobulin produced by the thyroid. Thyroglobulin is produced by every thyroid cell, and it is used to manufacture the hormones T3 and T4. There are several components like iodine, selenium, zinc, magnesium, and others that all come together to manufacture the hormones. Thyroglobulin is one of the components.
If the thyroglobulin level is affected by antibodies, the abilty to produce hormones is affected. You often see TGab test results of 500 or 800, but it is not that common to see a result of 3,000. It happens, but most of us that have that antibody have lower test results.

If the antibodies stay at those high levels, they will make it more difficult to keep you regulated once your hormone levels are correct.

It's not OK.

There is nothing you can do to change the TGab, so worrying about it is a waste of time. Being aware of it and understanding what it means is important, but fretting about it will not help.

On the plus side, your TGab must not be having a huge affect on you right now, or you would be having trouble making enough hormones, and you would not be hyper.

The antibodies are not affecting your ability to conceive and carry a child. The hyperthyroidism is. Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can both lead to problems carrying to term.

The normal procedure is to get you Euthyroid, neither hyper nor hypo, and then monitor you very closely during pregnancy. Your body will go out of whack while pregnant, and the challenge will be to keep your hormones in a range that will allow for a healthy delivery.
My anti-thyroglobulin is 1066, and my thyroglobulin is less than 0.9. My T3, T4 and TSH are are in the high side of normal.  I have experienced "flu-like"symptoms (low grade fevers, Body aches and lethargy that lasts for about 3 days) after exercize. Also, i have put on about 10 pounds in past year, have been getting awful headaches and have felt like i have had the blues, daily. My PCP is not concerned, and i cannot get into see an endocrindologist until Feb. 2012. Any one have any thoughts?
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