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21 years old and chronicly ill for 6 years and getting worst (undiagnosed)
I'd like to start out by saying that I have seen numerous amounts of doctors and specialists for the symptoms i'm going to describe.  Just for a little bit of general info:  I am 21 years old and do not smoke or drink.  I was addicted to pain killers and smoked for about 2 years starting when I was 18.  I  have now been completely clean for over a year.  It started out when I was 16 years old.  I started getting headachs that would last all day long, and begin as soon as I would awake.  I was always tired and I also had an unusual problem with my vision at that time.  It seemed I would always "space out"  and couldn't make it stop on command.  It was similar to looking through a lens of an unfocused camera, but this stopped after a year or so.  I had many sinus infections at this time and my asthma that I had when I was a child, was not a big concern.  I went to many docters and had ct-scans and MRIs and blood tests, only to find that I had a hypo active thyroid.  I suffered from these head aches every single day, and the severity would change almost weekly.  The best way I can describe the pain/tension is that my neck is always pulling at my shoulders.  Also, my temples, jaw and behind my eyes will ache.  sometimes my face would hurt too, but that would come and go.  There is a throbbing headache as well that i would get on certain days and it would be accompinied with black out spells when I would stand up.  After 3 years of suffering with what I would call 3 different chronic headaches, I started feeling abnormal beats in my heart.  I also felt a shortness of breath, but not the type asociated with asthma.  My pulse would seem to change drastically just from moving my body.  I was put on a beta-blocker which helped this issue a lot.  I was in a motor vehicle accident around this time,but it only produced a mild herniated disc at L4-L5, which MRIs show to be progressively getting worst.  I feel this detail is inadequit to my symptoms from this point, other than chronic lower back pain. Around this time, I got very depressed and became addicted to oxycontin.  I would take over 160 mgs daily for all the pain and tension that i had been feeling with no relief for almost 4 years at this point.  My headaches, fatigue, and abnormal feelings in my heart continued for 2 more years.  I joined a suboxone clinic to get off of the oxycontin, and I still currently take it.  from that point on, I've developed even more chronic symptoms.  My child-hood asthma has returned, but I don't think its actually asthma.  I was hospitalized one night because I couldn,t breath and my nebulizer woudn't fix it.  Ever since that day, I havn't been able to breath comfortably for more than 4 hours without the use of my inhaler.  They put me on flovent and pulmicort, but it didn't help.  The only thing that helps is the albuteral and flometeral (A long lasting albuteral).  So now i'm on symbicort which is steroid with the beta agonist.  with out a beta-agonist I cannot breath comfortably.  And the more time I wait, the more I can't breath.  In addition, I get many weird symptoms that developed about a year a go (when I went sober) like:  numbness and pricks and needles in left part of head when I go to bathroom,  numbness on left side of face thats chronic,  myralgia in left thigh (probably related to auto accident),  twiches that come for a couple weeks and then go away in my right hand and right foot,  sharp stabbing pains in my chest (just started) when I breath in and then have to stop breathing for a few secconds so it will go away.  

I am currently taking 6 mg of suboxone, 25 mg of metroprol, .05 of thyroid medicine, 2 puffs of symbicort twice daily.
I am very close to giving up on my life.  I am too young to be this sick, and I am completely on my own.  I have lost the will to be with friends, and I'm starting to find my job too demanding with my headaches and shortness of breath.  Im also very worried about this new stabbing feeling I get in my  left part of my chest a few times daily (for past 3 days).  I have lost hope in many doctors because I've seen more than 20 of them and I have tried everything. They all seem unwilling to think that I might have some terrible auto-imunne disorder. Most tell me I'm anxious because they don't know what else to say. I have tried evrything, from natural pathic, accupuncture, chiropractic, herbs, many meds.. everything.  I havn't had any recent MRI on my head or spine and I've never had one with a contrast injection.  Any thought or suggestions would be very appreciated.  I'm just a young guy trying to get through life on his own, but I'm very sick and its only getting worst.  I still have the same chronic daily headaches that i described in the beggining.  I recently started getting the odd pulse again because i think the breathing meds counter act the beta-blocker.  
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