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Chest Pain
I've had this pain in my chest, that comes and goes, for the last three or four years. I had actually forgotten about it because it hadn't happened in a while but recently it has come back. It starts up suddenly and lasts for five to 15 minutes. It's actually gotten longer than it used to be. During that time it will subside and then come back again.
The pain is more of a strong pressure that makes me want to arch my back, either inwards or outwards. It starts a little to the right of my sternum and sometimes radiates through to my back. It feels better when I lay down on my stomach or back all the way flat, even if I just sit there and hold my breath or put pressure where it hurts.
I'm not sure as to why it even starts up. It happens usually when I'm just relaxing, but I've had it happen a couple times a few hours after I've worked out.
I've never gone to the doctors for it because it doesn't happen very often. And like I said above, it's so random that I forget it even happens until it rears its ugly head all over again. I know I need to visit the doctors, but I'm wondering if anyone could give me some things to look into or even tests I could ask the doctor run.
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