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Earache, facial pain, swollen painful throat
Hello and thank you for taking my question.

First off let me tell you that I suffer from Crohn's disease and inflammatory arthritis related to crohn's disease.

My question is:  About a month and a half  ago I thought I had 2 bug bites under my right arm but on my torso, one of these became very swollen and painful.  When I went to hospital, they said cellulitus and prescribed antibiotics.  After a week with no relief, I went to family physician who lanced and drained area and prescribed more antibiotics.  Sample was sent to lab and it came back as MRSA. The antibiotics were the proper treatment and I was prescribed more (Bactrium)  It finally went away.  Then I developed this horrible reddness in my eyes.  Went to Opthomologist who said I had bacterial conjuctivitus in both eyes.  He gave me antibiotic drops and this went away.
About 1 1/2 weeks ago I developed an earache in my right ear and a soreness radiating down to my throat.  Went to doctor and he said he did not see anything.  Pain remained and started spreading through my entire face up to hairline down to jawbone including left ear and throat.  Throat and neck on right side is swollen, throat is so swollen, uvula is swollen and pushed over to left side of throat. Pain in face is almost unbearable.  Called doctor who called in a prescription for erythromycin (Z-Pac).  I have now taken 2 days worth.  Pain is now more bearable, but is still in entire face.  Throat and neck swelling has not gone down.  Now when I look in throat, I am covered in white (tongue) some spots of white in throat and some spots on roof of mouth.  I know that this is Thrush.  Can you help me?  I do not have money for doctor or medicine at this point in time, I need help desperately!  I am so tired of being sick!!!
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