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Monoclonal protein with fever, fatigue, rash blurry vision
For nearly a year I've been experiencing symptoms that cycle - the cycle started with about one week of symptoms followed by one week symptom-free, and now cycles faster.  It starts with itchy skin (no redness) from the ankles to knees, and on the abdomen and chest.  Then a rash starts from the abdomen to the neck along with general achiness.  The recurring low-grade fevers start in the late afternoon and last until around 3am with chills and sweating throughout the day.  Vision becomes blurry at times with a sensation like there is sleep in my eyes - everything checked out fine with the opthalmologist except that the fluid in my eyes is slightly stringy.  Other symptoms include slight weight gain, extreme fatigue, and red spots under the skin all over that look like someone poked me with needles everywhere.  All tests (bloodwork and ct scans) come back normal except for the presence of monoclonal protein.  Even tests for inflammation come back normal despite there being observable redness and swelling due to the rashes.  I have seen an infectious disease specialist and hematologist/oncologist who are both stumped.  At this point they are testing for rare disorders and ready to send me to a clinic such as Mayo in hopes that a specialist will be able to pinpoint what this is.  Any ideas what this could be?  
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