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Ovarian cysts
I have had abdominal swelling for over two months now.  I look like I am 4-months pregnant.  I have pressure on my bladder (feel the need to urinate frequently) my bowels are either very hard and very thin or diarreah.  My lower back is killing me and I have indigestion and nausea and extreme tiredness..  I first went to a doctor whom I didn't know and all she did was put me on blood pressure medication and told me to take pepsid-ac for GERD.  I have had problems with my stomach in the past, ulcers, but this was so very different.  She did not order a ultrasound.  I then went to my Ob/GYN doctor and she found a mass on my ovary 3x3 centimeter and said it will probably go away.  She also ordered a CA-125 which came back with a 6-normal.  My question is; would a cysts this small cause these symptoms?  I cannot imagine going on like this forever.  Why am I having these symptoms if it's nothing to worry about?  This is NOT NORMAL for me, what else can I do?
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