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Painful groin for almost 3years
Hello, I'm a 21 year old male.
3 years ago I used to study Taekwondo until one day I noticed a small pain in my groin area (left and right). Kicking and twisting mostions were made uncomfortable so I stopped.
Since then I've seen a physiotherapist, 3 osteopaths, an orthopedic surgeon, a massage therapist and a personal trainer. Basic stretches have done nothing to relieve symptoms. 2 of the Osteopaths re-aligned my pelvis but this did nothing to relieve the pain. The massage therapist told me my quads, gluteals and IT bands were tight but a few sessions of deep tissue massage did nothing. An MRI scan showed nothing, 2 X-rays showed nothing yet the pain remains and has increased over the years.
The personal trainer gave me a few core stability exercises and as a result my core abdominal muscles feel stronger yet it has had no effect on the groin pain. We are still trying out new exercises but I'm not very optimistic as nothing I've done thus far has had brought about even the slightest bit of relief to the pain.
Over the years the pain has spread around the pubic region and during the winter my quadriceps also become very sensitive and movement becomes limited. There is no pain in the testicles nor do I have any trouble going to the toilet.
The primary trigger for the pain is stretching my legs outwards, movements such as shuffling along a bench, getting out of a car or performing box stretches are usually what causes the pain. Twisting motions are also a common trigger. As mentioned before the bony areas around my pubic region have become very tender and sometimes pain radiates around my quads, lower back and also running down the adducters. During the Summer when it is warm there is some relief and movement doesn't feel as restricted but during the Winter I can barely move my legs and it is very uncomfortable.

Gilmore's Groin was suggested as a possibility and I may have to rule this out in future, however I want to leave this as a last resort as a consultation seems very expensive.

It should also be mentioned that I have bow-legs and flat feet. This has never been a source of pain or discomfort growing up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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