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Vomit, diarrhea, chills, hives, dizzy, oh my!
Here's my deal: Last month and this month, a couple days before my period, I had the worst abdominal cramps of my life--vomitting, diarrhea, dizzies. It lasted about an hour each time. In the last two months, my stomach has been rumbling just about everytime I eat. I think I have a dairy sensitivity because when I eat dairy, about 6 hours later I get diarrhea (not everytime). Yesterday, I ate pizza with meat on it (I rarely eat meat or dairy) and I have a big slice of pie. This is at about 5 pm. I woke up the next day with a stomach ache and really tired. At about 10 am, I started throwing up what I ate the day before, and having diarrhea. That lasted a long time. I developed hives (I've had them once before and I couldn't trace them) all over my body and I got severe chills. I had a second lapse of vomiting/diarrhea and I saw my lips and fingernails were blue. I was really dizzy by this time.

Now it's the evening and my stomach has been turning all day. I am very dizzy when I stand up and have been lying down all day. I lost over 3 lbs today from diarrhea/vomit. I have a headache too--I don't know if I might be dehydrated? The hives are basically gone, the blueness didn't last long, I haven't vomited in hours, though I still have diarrhea when I go. I've eaten very little but I'm trying to drink a lot of fluid.

I just want to know what all this could be? The stomach rumbling, the severe reaction today, the dizzies staying all day. Please help.
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