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cant breathe
Starts with tingling  . . . up my backside - tops of my thighs, my buttocks, lower back -  then I get very cold and feel tired - no energy - then the cramping begins - extreme cramping - shortness of breath - every time I take a breath it feels like I am going to pass out from the stabs of pain in the abdomen  - unbelievable pain  . . .I hold my breath - I always hold my breath as long a I can -  bad stomach cramps - then I feel like I have to run to the bathroom - sometimes I run only to just go and sit for the first 2 minutes and sometimes I do not make it at all before it starts running uncontrollably down my legs - there is no control - I hate that - chills . . chills - cold, cold, and then I sweat - Sweat pours off my face and down my arms ad legs and hair and completely soaks my clothing like a fever breaking - I grab at towel  - wrap it around me being soaked makes me even colder and I cannot get warm  -  I can't sit up - the room often spins like when you have vertigo - nauseated - there is so much pressure from the diarrhea it has torn me open before - it is like water - the worst part is the pain - and this all continues from anywhere between 15-30 minutes.  When it stops I am too weak and dizzy to stand and usually slide to the bathroom floor where I finally fall asleep on the rug.

I usually get about 2 hours of sleep before the tingling in my backside wakes me up and I prepare for "round two". I have gone 3 round before in one  night and when the sun comes up I feel like the walking dead when I am finally able to get up off the floor and bed where I can easily sleep for about 12 hours -

Te next day my stomach is so tender and sore  - I  cannot figure out what is causing this - I cannot handle it any more - it is controlling my social life and my work and it is very depressing.  I have been told it is IBS - and that there is no cure - I had peritonitis about 10 years ago and someone recently mentioned that they thought it might be connected?????? Sometimes several months go by without an attack and sometime I have 5 and 6 attacks in a single month ????
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If you had peritonitis earlier, then the pain can be due to adhesions. Sadly, this can only be diagnosed by laparotomy. The other possibilities are renal colic or stone in kidney, IBS, Crohn's, food intolerance like Celiac, or low blood supply to gut called mesenteric ischemia.
Do discuss this with your doctor and a gastroenterologist and get yourself examined. Take care!
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