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dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, pre-syncope sensations, and heart palpitations
For the past 4 years I have been suffering of dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, pre-syncope sensations, and heart palpitations--at times it feels as it skipping beats.  I have had a batterry of test blood tests(complete), MRI, EKG, ECG, electrophysiology exam, tilt table test, stress test, and CAT-SCAN.  Most of the findings have not shown anything serious according to the Drs.  From my cardio tests what has been found is that I have minor sleep apnea; that I have nocturnal type 1 and 2 second-degree AV block, and the ratio in my left atrium was found to be enlarged with a ratio 1.4 (which is bigger than the normal of 1.0).  My cardiologist even prescribed pindolol (beta-blocker) and it did not work; I felt really bad and he recommended not taking beta-blockers.  Then, he said that he didn't think it was cardiac related and recommended me with a neurologist.  

As far as my MRI is concercernce-- it revealed two small abnormal foci in the deep white matter.  The axial FLAIR demonstrated one small focus of the periventricular white matter hyperintensity adjacent to the frontal horn of the right lateral ventricle.  The additional focus was found within the deep white matter of the right frontal lobe.  The impressions for the results were that the foci might be non-specific in nature and may be seen in asymptomatic patients, but can also be associated with migranes, demyelinating process or microangiopathy.

I have been on several medications thus far, such as pindolol, depakote, lexapro, cymbalta, xanax, GI medications (ASACOL and for adid reflux) and some other medications that I was prescribed and did not take include prozac and some I cannot even recall because I never took them.  The reason I did not take was because i was taking all the other medications and felt that none of them were having any effect because after taking them for 6 + months, I was still having the same symptoms.  

Eventually, one of the Drs suggested I try a acupuncturist and within a few weeeks of trying it, I started feeling better--all my symptoms had drasticaly diminished. After three months I stopped taking all medications as recommended by my neurologist and decided to only do acupuncture. But I still have the symptoms even after 6 months of acupucnture (although better than before).  There are days that are good and some not so good, recently, I have been having the same symptoms (dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, pre-syncope sensations, and heart palpitations)...would any Dr or health professional help to give their insight as to why I have the symptoms OR what might be the Drs missing?  I will greatly appreciate your input or help.
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