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persistent calf pain
I have had a dull ache in the back of my left leg just below my knee for at least 9 months.  It is constant and never gets sharp or worse, except sometimes (but not always) when I squat it gets more intense.  Sometimes when I have stretched extensively or gone running it stops aching for a while, but then the ache returns.  

The specific spot of the pain has been hard to pin down.  I think when it first started I felt it or thought it was in the soft part of the back of my knee, but it was hard to locate a specific spot.  Since then I have discovered that pressing hard into the very top of the left side of my calf muscle just below my knee alleviates the sensation temporarily (as long as I keep pressing).  

I am a good 20lbs overweight but by appearance not what anyone would typically think of as obese.  I have been mostly sedentary (office job) for the last decade, but in the last two years have started to run, hike, etc.  I did not have any moment while exercising when I felt an injury in my calf, though - I first noticed the pain while squatting to look at a low shelf in the library.  

I saw an orthopedist but when he examined me he just he bent my knee while pressing in the back, which didn't hurt at all, and moved on to focus on an unrelated problem with my kneecaps that causes pain in the front of my knee when I go downstairs.

Does anyone have any ideas or have experience with a similar problem?

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