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to much bile
Hi all im not a heavy drinker(alcohol) but any time i have few more even if i dont feel it, the next day i get really ill, my dad drinks quite a lot and that put off alcohol a bit.
I was was saying i get terribly ill, vomiting only bile and i feel as if im very drunk and this usually last for 2 o 3 days if anyone see me they dont think is a hangover i even faint, im very worried because now even if i have a couple of glsses of wine im ill so i dont want to go out just to avoid been sick, can someone tell me what this is?
Thank you
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Could be a stomach, acid reflux problem or your liver.

I would suggest you do not drink any alcohol at all, stick to non alcoholic drinks when you go out (you can still have a fun time without alcohol).  Also keep a record to see if you get any upsets from other drinks (eg orange juice).

Also get a medical evaluation to find the cause of the problem.

Best of luck

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