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weight gain, but my face looks so thin
i've 45 years, male. i'm at my heaviest weight ever, 88kg(1.77m), yet my face has gotten so thin. my belly has gotten fatter, but no where else. actually, i don't look my weight, people think i'm 'in shape', or whatever.

most of my life i've been mostly active, into weights, cycling, etc, so had a very muscular frame, and relatively lean. however, i became a couch potato last couple years. i used to drink lots of beer, but have stopped that in last few months.
overall, i'm feeling fine overall.
how come my face has gotten so thin? if i try to lose the belly weight by resuming my activies, i'm worried that my face will get even skinnier. friends who haven't seen me much in last year noticed that my face has gotten thin. i'm worried that something's not right.
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