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Journals about Stomach

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by easterboxx, Nov 05, 2015
I slept in late til 12pm and didn't get to school to work on stuff til 2pm. I ingested ...
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by Marisen, Sep 05, 2015
Sept 5, 2015: This same time last year I was horrendously ill with what turned out to be on...
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by mack1001, Jul 07, 2015
I am only 13, today I had VBS which is vacation bible school. I was a staff member and work...
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by Tianalaur, Oct 12, 2014
My period usually comes on the 1st of the month. I had gotten my period on August 31st. I h...
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by janie_stillings, May 27, 2014
Today, I stayed home from school. I'm not sure why, but I have been having random stoma...
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by kguthrie, Mar 10, 2014
I am bloated with a hard stomach. It feels like my stomach is trying to come up into my ch...
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by Fitspoobsessed, Sep 06, 2013
Hi, ok im 17 years old im 5'1 i weigh 175 and welll i have a digestive problem for the ...
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by ms2297, Jun 22, 2013
Lately, I have not been eating much due to the fact that I can't keep anything in me. I...
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by kiratharp, Mar 08, 2013
My stomach is getting that hungry feeling, but I still haven't heard it growl. I'v...
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by sweetnuttyness, Feb 26, 2013
I was doing very well for a while but I still couldn't sleep at night and I was getting...