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Journals about Foot


by LoganKLQ, Jun 08, 2015
It started about three years ago when I first moved to Missouri (I'm originally from W...

by BendyBlue, Jan 09, 2015
Woke up to a Charlie horse in my calf, and been suffering wickedly from Planter Faciitis in...

by taylorjayne098, Apr 01, 2014
Recently someone I know has gotten a little problem on their foot. Its on the ball of her f...

by Cindy15216, Feb 22, 2013
My left foot was bothering me last night with a few pings in arch of foot. woke up this m...

by dorame123, Jul 29, 2012
My mood today has been a little bit more relaxed - I completed some difficult chores toda...

by bunnybjames, Jun 20, 2011
Had trouble sleeping. Foot numb upon rising. Feel deep pain, which sometimes stabs. Agai...

by EFox2007, Jun 15, 2011
Under bottom lip, right middle finger, left index finger, left knee and shin, right shin an...

by gemmam, Jan 14, 2011
So an intro to this, my names Gemma and I'm attempting to lose weight and tone up to q...

by hennie123, Dec 27, 2010
Foot cramps and pain are just getting worse and more severe. I just dont know what to do an...

by Don5724, Dec 21, 2010
I am disabled from occupation .have depression,bi-polar and aniexty. Live alone .Try to get...
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