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Journals about school


by Take_my_hand, May 30, 2015
so its official....after all these years...being told it was mdd, recurrent, anxiety, a moo...

by kallieek, May 21, 2015
I am super nervous for school to get out. I really don't want it to happen, because It...

by Anon198, Dec 27, 2014
I'm a 17 year old boy and I think that I have depression or something along the lines ...

by JustHelp123, Feb 05, 2014 - 1 Comment
The people who drink here are really young college kids or older people trying to maintain ...

by jjane14, Jan 12, 2014
Tomorrow is my first day back at college since my month off from Christmas break. I'm ...

by LobsterBoffin, Dec 03, 2013
Stressed about school work, too many projects and not enough focus. I need to get out of m...

by goredwings99, May 08, 2013 - 1 Comment
Recently, I took several 'Do I have depression tests?' and the results said I had...

by AmyMarie55, May 01, 2013
Well its been awhile since ive been on here...So glad its getting warm out again!!! Tait i...

by WaywardBrain, Jan 22, 2013
We discussed with Richie his behavior before he went to the hospital. He stood outside our ...

by StephieSilence, Jan 15, 2013 - 7 Comments
I'm supposed to be getting ready for school, but I'm feeling so depressed. I just...
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