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by MonetSimonee, Aug 04, 2014
- Hi, I Have this severe Pain In My Back/Neck. It's Been Hurting for A Year. I Play So...
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by Pd1mally, Mar 26, 2014
Started my apomorphine on the 10th February 2014 took until the 26th the get dose correct w...
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Jaw like a plane? Head and neck pain and discomfort can run a wide range, being a simple...
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by pammy667, Apr 06, 2013
Massive stomach attack (charlie horse pain) in upper abdomen right under the sternum. Had ...
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Neck and Back Injuries: Exercise to strengthen your neck and your back ORIGINAL POST htt...
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So far, don't have one today, but I'm expecting a headache at anytime. I have all k...
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by debob484, Jul 05, 2012
Went to Dr. Sidar the rheumatologist on the 3rd and he gave me a 95% positive diagnosis of ...
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by moviegal7, Apr 04, 2012
Neck pain periodically. Sharp. Pinched nerve?
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by Adam Tanase, D.C.Blank, Feb 13, 2012 - 1 Comment
Every week patients ask me about what type of mattress they should buy... So I finally comp...
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by zaftig1, Jul 02, 2011
I am so cranky. My head has been killing me all day, I've taken drugs, I've made s...