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Journals about therapist


by jessilb, Jan 28, 2013
Well I was anxious because I was running late for my appointment. It was good though. Mad...

by blunik, Aug 29, 2010
So got THE email back from my therapist (R) - it felt like a slap on the hand, like a "...

by HoneyNut, Apr 04, 2010
Dear Journal, How cliche am I? Gosh, I hate myself sometimes. Okay, most of the time....

by HoneyNut, Mar 04, 2010
I have to leave for work soon, since it takes about an hour to get there... bah! Will upda...

by megochick101, Dec 22, 2009 - 3 Comments
I've been looking for therapists for the past couple days and I've just become co...

by SweetDelight_EndlessNight, Oct 14, 2009
Booked an appointment with the therapist today, the soonest they could see me was next week...

by cowgirlnerd, Oct 03, 2008
Yuck, I have to go to the therapist at 11:00 today, and I dread it. Not because he isn&#x...

by sammijo, Apr 10, 2008
My therapist told me to be very careful as to where I get my information to find the answer...
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