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Journals about kidney


by Mommy_Daddy_2, Apr 06, 2014 - 3 Comments
With my first pregnancy everything was going perfectly until 25 weeks I ended up with a kid...

by Wally1943, Mar 10, 2014
How much water should I be drinking because I only have one kidney?

by MarkFly1, Aug 19, 2013
My doc and I agreed to stop the telaprevir a week early, after 11 weeks. Feeling a bit bet...

by Diddy1971, Jul 25, 2012
Well I've been down all day. I'm on the couch at 9:15pm and that's been the...

by Legs1952, Aug 31, 2011
Am overweight. am disab;ed physically, so hardly any exercise. Am trying to better me. N...

by kelliejeanne, Aug 08, 2011
second time i got this in a week. suddenly appears and is really itchy... itching subsides ...

by mtanum, May 21, 2011
Early morning hours of Saturday may 21,2011. Started experiencing pain in the lower back, p...

by rebanks123, Feb 06, 2011
Been going on for a year now, been in and out of hospital Things the doctor told me Ba...

by RedInDC, Nov 25, 2010
25 November 2010 This is my first entry on MedHelp, a website I have been secretly visitin...

by efor, Oct 24, 2010
Woke up in the middle of the night with a pain in my lower left side. Turns out after the v...
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