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Well, my garage wasn't working so I had to manuely bring it down and get hit by the doo...
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by northforkmom, Jan 13, 2013
Achy pain all over. Neck & back pain.
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by samantha830, Dec 19, 2012
Today is horrible for me, my pain level is so high I can't handle it anymore. The medic...
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by samantha830, Dec 15, 2012
I can't handle the pain much more, the medicine isn't helping very much, and the pa...
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...again... I get this **** every year.
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by Julie2957, Jun 22, 2012
It started with my left side of my neck, the vien started to left inside of my...
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by Cb61998a, Jun 21, 2012
Even with my current back problems & wearing a brace...The places causing the MOST PAIN...
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crampy abd pain from crohns
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by Bbomber9, Jun 08, 2012
Full blown chiari patient today :(
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Last two days my middle and lower back have been aching a lot plus my right shoulder is act...