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Hey guys i just found this community, im housebounded its been 4months my question is is it possible to just stay home and take medicatio...
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So I was born with Asperger's and have major bouts of social anxiety. I've been off and on various medications over the years, currently ...
is there one? would love to find one.
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I would assume it started when I was younger as simply becoming introverted/antisocial/self-isolating but has since sprouted its roots in...
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Hi, could someone please give me the rundown on what exactly agoraphobia is? Thank you!
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I like to stay at home. When I go out I am not especially anxious, I just want to do what I have to and go home have had depression for 2...
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I am so tired of feeling alone, can someone give me advise?
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I have been struggling with anxiety for about 2 months now and have slowly started to become more house bound...I cant seem to go out in ...
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I feel like such a mucked up person. I have had anxiety, panic attacks, GAD and fear of vomiting since late childhood. Recently i have re...
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I first realized I had agoraphobia in college. I lived with 3 other roommates but I never left my room because I couldn't see or talk to ...
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hi, I hope someone can help me. I really want to be able to help my brother who is agoraphobic and suffers severe anxiety attacks too. He...
I have been suffering with panic disorder and agoraphobia for 4 years now. I have been housebound for most of it. I cant take the anti-de...
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I suffer from agoraphobia for 7 years now it came out of nowhere and destroyed my life.I get diarrhea and dizzy when im at grocery store ...
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I have taken Clonazepam 2 mg 2-3 times daily for many years. My new psychiatrist took me totally off Clonazepam and switched me to Ativan...
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Hi, I was wondering if there are more people that no longer suffer from panic attacks, but used to. From probably around 2011 I began...
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Hello Everyone After many years of suffering Anxiety/Depression/Panic Attacks ive now become fearful of using public transport..i feel ...
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I was recently diagnosed with Panic disorder and Agrophobia. I've been living and struggling through this since I was a teenanger. I have...
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I was recently prescribed 20mg once a day of Citalopram for anxiety. My doctor warned me that I may feel "a little nauseous" for the firs...
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Hi, I'm a 29 nearly 30 year old female & i have been suffering with social anxiety for most of my life. This has now turned into a panic ...
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my name is DJ. About 4 years ago i had a horrible experience with a drug.. since that moment my life has been turned upside down.. I am c...
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