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I have lost weight in the pass but unable to stop taking BP med.
I’m only taking 5 mg of lisinopril and I take 150 mg Zoloft I’ve been having a extra heartbeat (palpitations ) my cardio put me on 12.5 m...
Good afternoon. I went to the internist on Tuesday and my blood pressure was 162/97. The doctor put on Losartan Potassium 50 mg. Since th...
Over view: I'm 26yrs, male and I've had hypertension over the last few years (heridetary) I've been through tests, I'm physically active ...
Went to the urgent care for my finger and I had high blood pressure. I went home and it was still high so an hour later I went back to ER...
So many people have high blood pressure and don't really know- it can be a problem without any symptoms. What is your story for how you ...
I would like to get off blood pressure meds and I need help doing that.
I really want to get off blood pressure medication. Looking for healthy ways to do this.
I was told to avoid red meat and eat more vegetables and drink one glass of red wine to keep your heart healthy.
What can I do to reduce my high blood pressure?
I just received my Plexus yesterday.
What specific foods can I eat to help control my blood pressure?
I had a B/P of 130/90 is that to high
I got diagnosed with hypertension at 37 years of age. Due to my "youth" my gp insisted on me seeing a cardiologist because apparently if ...
I would like to know the answer to my question.
Happy anniversary erijon- thank you for your service as a CL!  Please take a moment to reach out to erijon, and give a shout out for h...
Ok I'm a 21 year old active male, I'm mixed Caucasian/African American. Recently I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and been ...
I'm 19 years old, when i wake up in the morning i have a blood pressure like , 106/61, i think thats ok but in the evening after lunch it...
A woman in her 80s, hx hypertension but mostly in good health. She was walking for around 40 minutes. She was feeling weak and had to tak...
I am on 10mg lisinopril and 12.5 of a Diuretic. My fingers have been swelling up so bad the last 3 months to the point I had to have my ...
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