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I am an 28 yrs old female. I have been experiencing lots of irritation in my bladder for about 3 months now (started mid September). The...
I have periodic urinary tract infections but usually no protein in urine. This time there is protein as well as white blood cells, etc. ...
I was recently diagnosed with back spasms in my lower right back area after going to the ER with severe pain in that area. After 5 days o...
Hello - I have a 4 mm stone stuck in mid ureter for 10+ weeks. Previously have passed 4 mm stones and smaller. This time around has...
I have had three past kidney stones that I had passed within one or two days. This one is going on two months. I have had two lipotripsys...
I had kidney stones removed last night with a laser and had a stent put in . Is it normal to pee constantly? My wife picked me up some de...
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