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I have had a few kidney stones over the last few years and have been placed on a low oxalate diet. There's a lot of foods to try to remem...
I am a 28 year old male. I have kidney stone 5cm long and UTI. I was given antibiotics for 3/4 days, admitted to hospital for a surgery t...
I was diagnosed with 7mm Kidney stone but my doctor said that i can still pass it through medication. after a month i got ultrasound agai...
Hello all, I have been dealing with my kidney stone issue for years. I am in regular contact with many doctors. They have diagnosed me ...
I saw my urinalysis results online today and everything looks normal except the line where it says Blood,urine and my value is MODERATE. ...
I have a huge kidney stone that is to big to pass so a stent was put in and I plan to have lipotripsy done soon and have the stent remove...
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