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I am 37, married for 17 years and a mother of two. I have a really great marriage and good open relationships with my kids. I have some ...
Me and boyfriend keep argueing over stupid things but it makes me wanna run away and stop eating and throw up :(
I have been in a relationship with a woman for 15 years. We met in the college when we were very young. The relationship was never comple...
My bf and I have known each other for 4yrs and we only started going out about 4weeks ago. He kept telling me how much he wld love for us...
Hello. I am recently divorced. I am a female. Immediately after my ex husband moved out, I moved in with my now current boyfriend because...
So. . My boyfriend and I are very much inlove.. He moved down to where I live to be with me.. And it was a bit after that i decied that h...
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