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10 days yay

I miss sleep. LOL. Still hanging in there, 7;30 tonight will be 10 full days yay!  Today has been ok no major cravings. Getting kinda nervous about hosting superbowl party this sunday, but im sure ill get through it like ive been doing day by day sometimes hour by hour! Thanks so much everyone for all your support, Ive been thinking about going to a NA meeting but the ones where I live are like a pick up place and i feel uncomfortable when I go, any suggestions? Kim
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Congrats on 10 days.. whoo hoo..  Can you take a friend.. or check out another in the town over.. AA also is a form of support as addicts fit right in.. Hope your evening is good.. that you sleep... and that your super bowl party is a smash.. lesa
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sounds like your doing great .hope everything goes good on super bowl sunday.normally i would say that it's to soon to be entertaining,especially if your not feeling up to par and not getting enough sleep but it sounds like your determend to do this and that is great,hope everything goes well for you GO PITTSBURGH
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thats great news noopy.  be really careful with the party...keep your guard up and if you get overwhelmed get on here and post.  i know you are proud of yourself and you should be 10 days is awesome.  check out an AA meeting in your area some members go there cuz they could not find and NA meeting they liked....try to find one.  keep on keepin on!
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That is so great 10 days WaHooo! Look how far you have come, keep up the good work.
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wishing you all the best
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Congrats!!!!!!!!!!   10 days is awesome my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Peace...Kim
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