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Hi everyone I hope you are all having a great day, I have a question I'm going to start the amino acid protocol and I seen there that you cant take 5HTP if you are taking SSRI in my case lexapro. Also I heard that 5HTP is the same as Sam-e is that correct? and if not can I take it if I'm on lexapro?
Please help!
Thank you
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I also forgot to mention that I'm on 2mg of suboxone if I can still do the amino acid protocol?
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From what I have read you are not recommened to mix lexapro and the 5htp which is from what I understand the sam as Sam E. I read this at the site regarding Lexapro they talk of some syndrome that there is a chance of getting oh I remember it is called serotonin syndrome or something to that effect.
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SAM-e and 5HTP are different

Right from the amino protocol pages:

5HTP-- this is what tryptophan gets turned into prior to being turned into serotonin in our brains. Serotonin is what is usually depleted if we are depressed and anxious.. Taking this will help with PAWS ( post accute withdrawl syndrome) or eliminate you suffering from them all together      DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE TAKING A SSRI OR TRICYLIC ANTI DEPRESSANT

Sam-e-- aids in stress relief, depression,eases pain, and produces antioxidant effect that can improve the health of the liver 200-400mgs per day
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SAME/methionone and 5htp are not the same...caution is advised with 5htp and ssris...i did take 100 - 200 mg 5htp when i was on lexapro and had no problems...it is a caution and i was on 10 mg which i really took just 5 mg of lexapro for wds as i halfed my lexapro.....5htp releases serotonin and so does lexapro so the caution is serotonin overload
Methionone is the precursor of SAMe and is more stable and more readily absorbed than SAMe and cheaper...it increses enkephlins and not serotonin///they r not the same...kinda like tryptophan is the precursor of 5htp
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